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Published on September 4th, 2016 | by Landon Buford


The Hype Magazine’s Exclusive Interview with DJ VIP



Dj Vip sat down with The Hype magazine for a candid interview to discuss a variety of different topics including Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap Album, artists he would love to work with, and his involvement in the community of Los Angles.

What are some of your hobbies outside of the entertainment business? 

To be honest, I really enjoy riding motorcycles!  During my free time on the weekends, I enjoy going to the track or The Canyons. In addition, I love to travel and experience new environments, since I am very adventures.

What is some advice you would give to aspirations DJs and other entertainers looking to enter the business? 

I would definitely have to say, this not a business that brings instant success. There is a lot of time spent trying to build your brand, and there is a lot of ups and downs. Furthermore, if you are an impatient person this is not the industry for you because it can be stressful at times. Finally, you have to be consistent with everything you do, because if you are not consistent it could be considered not authentic, and in this business, you must be genuine.

Is there any artist that you would want to work with outside of the Hip-hop genre?

I think Party Next Door has amazing sound in his production team and I would want to work with him. In addition, to answer the question I am always up to work with an artist like Kenny G for example, to bring in other players to make quality music.


What can we expect in regards to Victory lap?

This is definitely going to be a classic and this will be Nipsey’s first debuting album.The only material he has sold today is mixtapes. A lot of individuals caught on to Nipsey’s wave after the Crenshaw Movement, then we followed that project up with Mail Box Money and then did another proud to pay campaign. Two weeks ago we dropped Slauson Boy 2, which was a 17 track with 16 singles featured on the Marathon Monday’s project. This will give you an insight of the type of sound that will be featured on Victory Lap.  This will definitely different from his Marathon Series, and his music is more melodic and higher quality. I am very excited about this body of work because it is timeless and touch on a variety of topics not just happening currently.

Can you give us some insight on your upcoming original Mixtape project?

I have been more of a hands-on DJ with the creation process and the content placement side of things in my career. Being that I have access to help move content within the industry, I figured that I should start to do the same with own personal content. This Project will be executive produced by me and it will be out sometime next year.

What can we all expect from Nipsey Hussle going into next year?

Look out for the Victory Lap Tour in 2017

You do a lot of marketing behind the scenes, how do like to be pitched on project releases? 

Really I look for quality and when it comes down to it if the quality is not presentable then people are going to turn it down immediately. In addition, If the masses do not the industry will and the biggest thing for me is having quality material, Press Release, Artwork, Singles, it has be something that I can present to another person in my industry,  in addition to something that I can press play and listen to in my free time.

Is there anything community-based projects you are currently involved with at this time? 

I have been working at the Children Hospital of Los Angeles at several events, and every 60 I try to donate blood, sometimes my travel does not allow me to fulfill that obligation.  I actually sponsor a child that has Sickie-Cell Disease and donate blood at least every two months. Even when I can not donate I visit and check in. I love to help where I can with the youth, I am actually looking to put some programs together to help feed the homeless children around the city.

IMG_1203There is a lot of pop-up shops popping up all around the US have you and Nipsey thought about joining the trend? 

We actually set up our Pop Up Shops in every city before our shows.

Do you think the industry is headed more in an Indy direction, favoring the unsigned artists compared to the majors locked in these long term deals?

I think the industry is shifting in that direction and not by the industry decision because we are in a digital revolution, where the artist can create some of the highest quality content without leaving their homes. There is so much equipment available at consumer prices that were not affordable to record a single. You can actually cut your studio budget in half because there are more knowledgeable individuals nowadays.

What do you want to be remembered for once it’s all said and done?  

I just want to be remembered as someone that is humble, genuine with good intentions, and authentic. I want to really be somebody that people enjoy working with and not just for the popularity but as a positive human being.

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