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Chuck Creekmur Speaks With The Hype Magazine

jigsaw-photoshoot-pmThe All Hip Hop  news platform is one of the most influential outlets in Hip Hop culture. It has been mentioned in countless outlets such as CNN, The Source, XXL, Complex, New York Post, New York Daily News and many others. Even, Def Jam founder and CEO of Rush Communications Russell Simmons is a fan of the outlet.  “Simply put, is such a great resource for hip-hop. I know that I can count on my daily news alerts being accurate and timely and AllHipHop is making a significant impact upon hip-hop.”

The Hype Magazine had the honor to sit down with current CEO & Co- Founder Chuck  Creekmur and  discussed the inspiration behind starting  the world renown news publication, the direction of the company in the next couple years, and which artists he currently has his eyes on heading into the new year.

It has well documented that you come from a journalist background. When you and Greg Watkins started All Hip in 1998 did have anything do with not being able to find work in your field ?

It had everything to do with that to a degree. I had aspirations to start my own magazine and at the time it was extremely costly, and New York City was a very close circle. It was very difficult to make the connections that would lead to employment and there was a lot of competition in the profession of journalism. While I had the skills needed to compete I did not have the right connections at that particular time being that I was from Delaware, It seemed like you needed to be a part of some special club to be accepted.

Who were some of the musicians that you were listening to coming up ?
I listen to a lot of everything thing grow up from artist like; DMX, Big Pun, Wu-Tang, Jay- Z, Naz, Indie Rock, Grunge, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sound Guarded. This was definitely a great time in the music industry, especially right as the internet boom was starting to present itself to the public. has always been an outlet that breaks artists records like Wiz Khalifa. What are your thoughts on some of your competitors not willing to break artists ?

It hard to say nowadays because the media is following trends and covering what the people want to see deliver that news to the public. It is a different world nowadays, back when we featured Wiz Khalifa on All Hip Hop we were contacted via email and now an artist of his caliber is make their own news via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook live, Instagram, snap chat. In addition, I do know that artists who have the marketing budget pay a lot to receive the media coverage that they are receiving. Back when we were coming into the game if you had a record deal that meant you were serious about your art or craft, but time changes and the artists are more empowered now than they were before.

What do you look for when you are be pitched to Premiere Projects ?
We are just looking for exclusivity during a certain period of time and relevance that our audience will gravitate towards and taken both sides to the next level.

When you are looking to add employees to the All Hip Platform what are some of your personal requirements ?

In these times it kind of difficult all across the board, but have to find individuals who are motivated on what they want to achieve out of their own lives and what I mean by that is, “People looking to be successful and not just a free ride or looking for a hookup. Actually putting in the work like we did building our brand and company. For example, we had to work and build our brand through a variety of different outlets, but I do understand that times have changed and individuals are looking to do the same, just not taking the rights steps by using social media as a distraction from the try to reach their end goal which is the actual work and added values. What we are looking for is individuals we are interested in hip hop, the culture, successful and being a valuable of All Hip


Where do you see your platform being in the next couple years ?  

I see us transitioning into video and original content. We currently have a series entitled “ King Of South Beach” Starring Akinyele As He Opens Restaurant On South Beach. “The King of South Beach” is a new reality show centered around the famous gentlemen’s club King of Diamonds is coming to the Internet, via In the new, 13-part reality series, AllHipHopTV follows Akinyele as he prepares to open the establishment, battles with locals over his establishment’s location on South Beach and of course, the world-famous girls! We just want to provide more entertaining content that our viewers take a liking to and enjoy.

Have you thought about premiering an All Hip Hop Television network ?

Not actually, but we are hoping All Hip Hop Tv  will end up there as we are starting to put together series like “The King of South Beach”  The website will be up and running in a month,so you should keep your eyes out for that to premiere very soon.

Can you tell us what we can expect from the Hip Hop Caucus on November 16th ?

This is really going to be an epic event for the Hip Hop culture. People from all over the country will be at this event looking to form solutions to better our community as a whole and I am really happy to see things like this, because of the dramatic changes that happen over the last week in the country and the behavior of individuals throughout the week. I wrote a piece on All Hip on my full thoughts on the outcome and I touched on how we should not be relying on politicians on either side and to start developing our own financial plans and put our children in a better place moving forward. This obviously political and we need to put our own individuals in office and positions of power inside and outside.

Who are three upcoming artists that we should be on the lookout for heading into 2017 ?

An artist out of Atlanta by name of Nick Grant, Dee 1 out of New Orleans, and ill Camille from Los Angeles.

When you are not working what are some of the things you enjoy in your free time ?

I enjoy working out, Comic books, boxing events and  attending art galleries with my daughter.

What is some advice that you would give someone looking to pursue a career as artists or entrepreneur ?

Do your homework and  study up on the business to find out where there are gaps that you can take advantaged of  that niche. In addition, this is a business and you always have to be willing to learn and honing your skills.


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