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Busy lifestyle? Leap Ready-To-Mix Powders are the ultimate Smoothie Bowl Shortcut

We’ve all at one point or another, at least us over 21+ folks, declared we’d change our lifestyle and eat healthy, etc., only to fall off fairly quickly. Why? Well for me personally, it’s been a matter of convenience, I go bald and shave my face hair so I can wash my face and scalp at the same time…that’s how crazy life is as a magazine editor. ALSO, healthy stuff usually tastes gross and/or looks gross and that’s a bar to ingestion!

In my search for convenience and taste, I finally found something I can stick with that’s quick, packs a nutritional punch AND tastes good…Leap Organic Smoothies. The company sent me a starter pack and now I’m buying them regularly, my favorite is the Blue Zeal but the Red Power and Green Revive have their spots as well. Green Revive is perfect after a night out…that’s all I’ll say about that! In short, while I’m not giving up my eggs, bacon, toast and Captain Crunch (Crunchberries of course), Leap has given me a way to maintain nutritional balance in an easy and convenient manner which I can maintain with my busy schedule.

I drop a pack in a bottle of water, shake and I’ve got breakfast at my desk!

Leap Organic Smoothies-to-be staged on my desk at The Hype Magazine offices (photo by me!)

Here’s the inside story:


Organic, Vegan, and Brimming with Superfoods, LEAP Serves Up Smoothie Bowl Perfection in Under a Minute

Smoothie bowls just got a whole lot simpler to make, thanks to LEAP’s new ready-to-mix smoothie bowl powders. Made entirely of organic whole fruits, vegetables, and plant proteins, LEAP makes it easy (and affordable) to prepare a superfood-infused smoothie bowl in under a minute. Each flavor offers an ideal balance of vegan protein, omega fats, fiber, and up to four servings of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

“Smoothie bowls are having a major moment, and why not? They are nutritious, they taste great, and they look beautiful too. The only problem is they can be a massive pain to make. I mean most people just don’t have the time it takes to wash, chop, and blend all those ingredients every morning,” said LEAP Co-Founder and CEO Edward

Cannan. “We wanted to simplify the process by creating ready-to-mix smoothie bowl powders that could deliver a nutritionally balanced smoothie bowl base, without all of the hassle.”

Crushed into LEAP’s ready-to-mix powder form. The product contains absolutely no added sugars and no artificial shortcuts.

“There is this terrible misconception that eating organic or healthy need also be expensive, time-consuming, and tasteless. LEAP, however, is proof of the contrary,” said Cannan. “It is a great solution for anyone serious about improving their health, fitness, and/or energy levels.”

LEAP can be blended, stirred, or shaken into any yogurt or milk alternative to create a great tasting and highly satisfying smoothie bowl base. After that, individuals need only add their favorite toppings to achieve Insta-worthy smoothie bowl success.

The product is currently available in three flavors: Green Revive, Blue Zeal, and Red Power. Each one is vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, soy- free, and certified Kosher.

Working with nutritional experts, LEAP developed three great tasting powders designed to optimize health, improve digestion, and detoxify the body. Superfoods like kale, goji berries, and spirulina are either freeze-dried or dehydrated at the peak of ripeness and then carefully

LEAP is now available for purchase at its website and Amazon Prime. For more information or to try LEAP for free, please visit

Leap is smoothie bowls made simple. Made from 100 percent organic whole fruits, vegetables, and plant proteins, Leap’s ready-to-mix smoothie bowl powders make the ideal smoothie bowl base in seconds. Crafted by top nutritional experts, each Leap packet is packed with nutrient-dense superfoods, healthy omega fats, complete protein, fiber, and amino acids. There are no added sugars, artificial shortcuts, or preservatives—just raw, whole food blends that have been expertly balanced to optimize health, detoxify bodies, and satisfy bellies. Available in three delicious flavors—Red Power, Blue Zeal, and Green Revive—Leap makes mastering the art of the smoothie bowl easy, affordable, and incredibly nutritious.

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