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Five Questions with G Herbo


G Herbo (T: @gherbo), once known as Lil Herb is a rapper from Chicago and has more than earned his spot as a member of XXL’s 2016 Freshman Class!

Lil Herb and Lil Bibby first gained attention with the song “Kill Sh**,” which has since been viewed over 15 million times on YouTube. Lil Herb and Lil Bibby gained broader attention within the hip-hop community when Canadian rapper Drake called them “the future.”

His debut mixtape, Welcome to Fazoland, was released on February 17, 2014. The mixtape is named in honor of Fazon Robinson, one of the first of Herb’s friends to be killed by gun violence in Chicago. Welcome to Fazoland was met with broad critical acclaim, with Fader commenting that, “since drill rose to prominence a few years ago, lyrical bankruptcy has remained one of its most common critiques; Herb’s way with words defies the stereotype.”

G Herbo collaborated with Nicki Minaj on “Chiraq.” He contributed to Common‘s “The Neighborhood” on his album, Nobody’s Smiling. G Herbo also recorded “Fight or Flight (Remix)” with Chance The Rapper and Common.

His current projectStrictly 4 My Fans” is killing the game right now and the industry is abuzz with what G Herbo is bringing to the table as a lyricist. Personally, I’m looking forward to the full release of his “Pistol P Project” (Mixtape) which is in the works right now…here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming!!!

I’m going to go on record and give it a prophetic review…THIS project is gonna be a bonafide 5/5 on the star tip…XXL definitely made the right pick when they added G Herbo to their “Freshman” class this year and that’s my word! ~ JD

G Herbo took some time out of his crazy schedule to answer a few questions for us, tune in!


Talk to us about your current project and your the single “Pull Up.”

My current project I’m working & trying to capitalize off of now is “Strictly 4 My Fans.” My new single “Pull Up” from the project, just came from me working on so much music and the position I’m experiencing right now, with my partner’s and my whole situation of being independent & free to drop music whenever I feel. I just felt it was time to put this pack out with a few new joints along with what I’ve put out recently. Honestly, it IS, Strictly 4 My Fans because they always want & wait for new music!

Do you feel like this project is the best introduction to you as an artist?

I feel all of my projects are different introductions and stages of me as an artist & person from “Welcome to Fazoland” on down to “Blik” (Ballin Like I’m Kobe). So really the more I progress & try to grow as a person and an artist, there will always be a new & different introduction of my growth…And quote me “not the “new me,” never a new me just my growth.”

What’s the musical landscape like in your neck of the woods?

The music landscape over around me & my “neck of the woods” which would be Chicago would just be diversity if I can put it in one word. I say this because there are a lot of different artists with different styles & personalities new & old, so it’s just a lot going on. All good energy tho I think.

What’s up for 2017?

In 2017, I have a lot in store. Most importantly for me, my debut album “Humble Beast” I’m excited about it…I think everyone else is too, but other than that a lot of new music with me and different artist & producers. Of course more Herb & Bibby!! Official sh** too. Everything else is a surprise so just tune in, but it’ll be worth the wait!!

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career?

LOL! I can’t even say bro, I’ve seen so much sh** throughout my career and life period! Some I wouldn’t even wanna repeat. But I would say all the technicality in life is changing sh** people do and let take place on the internet, which is all supposed to be entertainment. It’s all a setup, so I just stay in my lane

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