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Published on December 30th, 2016 | by Jerry Doby


Live Session with Tish Hyman ‘All I Can Do’

The Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, Tish Hyman (T: @listen2tish) has been proved to be a legit triple threat in the music arena. Kicking off her musical journey as a Battle Rapper, in 2016 Hyman added her touch to songs with Alicia Keys (Blended Family feat Asap Rocky) and Ty Dolla $ign (Stealing All These B**tches Hearts) as well dropping her critically acclaimed debut project, “Dedicated To.”

Hyman’s growing body of work has VH1 and Fader both glowingly extolling her similarity to a young fresh Lauren Hill. Basing her music on real life and providing a gutsy musical biography on her “Dedicated To” project, listeners can do nothing but respect her talent, skill and commitment.

The Hype Magazine got to chop it up with Tish following the drop of her poignant music video for “All That I Can Do,” the third single from her debut project. The joint is “…a powerful biographical anthem about finding the strength to persevere in the face of adversity, ranging from police brutality to family members with severe drug addiction.” All That I Can Do was shot and directed by the talented Tyler Yee in New Orleans and in our conversation she talks about the choice of locale.

Hyman’s Mixtape “Street Money” Vol 1 is in the works for early 2017 and according to Hyman, she’s gonna take this opportunity to go in on the haters and those who fronted as she was navigating the maze. She indicates in our conversation that she’s a very funny person and while her current album is so serious, the mixtape will grant her a chance to peel away some layers and give fans more of HER.

Tune into our Live Session and meet the very REAL Tish Hyman!

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