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Published on December 9th, 2016 | by Jerry Doby


Russell Simmons and DoBoy talk ‘Compassionate Meals’

As a meat-a-tarian, I don’t personally see myself changing my eating lifestyle however, I find that some of the Vegan dishes have awesome flavor. Also, with life changing transformations such as in the case of Russell Simmons‘ friend DoBoy who lost 200 pounds after converting, it’s something most certainly worth exploring.

Lastly, there is an argument for the sanctity of living beings, the philosophy of which I’ll leave you to research on your own but, I wanted to share this very positive success piece from the other side of the spectrum. Check out the official line and vid with Russell Simmons and DoBoy as they discuss the fast growing movement.

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach, and that’s what the national farm animal protection nonprofit Farm Sanctuary is banking on with the launch of Compassionate Meals, a new program which encourages people to take a friend out for a compassionate meal, engage in a dialogue about compassion, and then share the experience on social media using the hashtag #CompassionateMeals. The goal of #CompassionateMeals is to spread the message that eating vegan meals is a fun, easy, and compassionate choice. Russell Simmons recently joined in on the fun by inviting his friend DoBoy to have a #CompassionateMeal at All Def Digital offices. DoBoy lost 200 pounds after a high-stakes bet with Russell encouraged him to go vegan.


Find out more on compassionatemeals.com

Join the conversation #CompassionateMeals


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