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Who is Apollo Night LA ‘Artist of the Week’ Sean Bennett?


Apollo Night LA (@ApolloNightLA)”Artist of the Week” winner Sean Bennett (T: @seanbennett618) was born and raised in Southern Illinois. He clearly has a way with wordplay and knows how to create timeless music that not only can be a part of the current culture of today’s hip hop but, many other waves to come. Sean’s music not only catches your ears but can rap loops around your heart and soul. Sean has been working with artist and song writer Courtlin Jabrae and is set to debut his first solo project “Forgotten Souls” as soon as possible.

From the outside looking in, who is Sean Bennett? 

Sean Bennett is a visionary, a leader and a man that was put on this earth for one mission and one mission only to be legendary in the music industry. I come from a small town with no guidance and little hope for the adults and youth. Where I’m from it’s very rare to see a successful black person make it out of Carbondale IL and I wanna be the first to do that and give back to my community.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

Me being a fan of music brought me closer to the entertainment business. I love music and no matter the sound or genre I’ve always been apart of music in some type of way. Growing up my mother and sister played music 24/7 hip hop, RnB,Pop music you name it they played it and it always stuck too me in a positive way and I always wanted to be apart of it. Music is so influential and I make sure that I always remember that music changes the heart mind body and soul so when recording records I gotta keep that in mind. Me winning artist of the week for the Apollo Night La Radio Station was such a wonderful moment for me my music has never surfaced a radio station before and it was a great moment for me and I thank the whole Apollo Night La Cast For the opportunity to be heard. We need more radio station to give Unsigned artist that platform.

Tell us about your current project and your ApolloNightLA “Artist of the Week” winning single

Well, my current project that I’ve been working on is titled “Forgotten Souls.” This project basically gives my listeners a full run down of what I’ve been thru thus far in my career. I’ve seen people be here one day and the next there gone and thru time people tend to forget about lost ones so this album is for all the forgotten souls around me to let them know I’m here and I will continue there legacy and be there voice for them thru my music. If you like Soulful uplifting music then I’m the go to guy for that and this album should definitely be one you would want to purchase and leave in your playlist for years to come.

For new listeners, what song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you?

If I had to pick one song from the many that I have to introduce me as a artist it would have to be Soulful Keys from the beat to the lyrics that song sums up my journey and informs my listeners that no matter how you’re feeling about your current situation there’s always away out of you strive Day in and day out for a better change.

What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment.

I had many “Where They Do That At” moments in my life I guess if I had to think of one it would be 2013 when a we’ll know Chicago Drill artist Came down to do a show and I was opening up for him. This was my very first show and I was a little nervous but was ready and At the time that artist was one of my favorite artist so I wanted to leave a good impression. So The main artist came to the Dj booth where I was at and yelled at the Dj that he needs to hurry up and get these opening acts out the way because things was getting heated with His entourage and people in the crowd so I was the last opening act and as soon as they introduced me a fight broke out and the artist jumped off stage and started fighting some people in the crowd and I didn’t get to do my show or see The main event and I was sitting on stage looking out to the crowd like “Man where they do that at” crazy as hell

Who and what are your music influences? 

My Family but especially my mother are big influences to me, seeing my mother make it on her own taught me a lot about life and what’s life’s common goal. I strive to be greater then my parents so that they can sit back and enjoy the benefits. My biggest music influences is J. Cole. I lived in his hometown of “Fayetteville” for many years and watched his career blossom from the bottoms to the top. His words and way of thinking has always been powerful too me. He reminds me of a rapping Martin Luther King and everything that he does for his community never blows up in blogs or newspapers and that’s special to me because that shows he doesn’t do it for the fame he does it because it’s the right thing to do. I’ll always honor J Cole and hope one day we could make a record together that’ll be sooooo lit!

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