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Introducing LALove The Boss ‘Pam Grier’ (Premiere)

LALove The Boss (@lalovetheboss) has the potential to be our new heavy hitter breaking down walls and barriers for the ladies in the entertainment industry. Confident enough to rock out like the name sake of her break out joint “Pam Grier,” this well rounded entertainer is, to coin a phrase from Grier’s early era, TO COLD TO BEHOLD! A stunning beauty, The “Boss” has a style, presence, and awareness which is rarely celebrated about our women entertainers.

In claiming control of her sexuality a la her idol Pam Grier, The Boss steps to the plate and challenges those who only see the outside. It’s refreshing to see a woman take and keep her power rather than turn it over to entities and people who would simply go for profit and degrade her brand and humanity.

Recently on “The Real,” Pam Grier sat with the show and explained why she handled her career the way she did and HOW she took the power away from those who only saw her beauty and didn’t respect her strength of character. LALove The Boss is totally on point, in this writer’s opinion, by following a similar path which as she continues to grow, will showcase her intestinal fortitude. You can watch Grier explain her position during her appearance on The Real here.

Here’s the official line on The Boss:

 Definition: (B)uilding (O)n (S)elf (S)uccess

The Mantra: Believe in Your Self, Sacrifice, Stay Positive and Invest in your Own Future.

LALove The”Boss” is the true definition of a great triple threat and more. Her outrageous style, bold relatable lyrics, dance moves, modeling, acting, and mission as a health and fitness motivator, make it impossible for her to quit anytime soon! Now 21,  LALove is ready to take over the world and show other young women that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Lauryn Alease Williams, a.k.a., “LA Love the Boss,” was born in Glen Burnie, Maryland and ever since she could remember, entertaining is all she ever wanted to do.

After exploring and experimenting with different forms of music, she developed her very own style, Urban/Pop/Rap, Modern Day” Foxy Brown,” Pam Grier, which is her Idol.

The Hype Magazine got some time from this amazing young business minded entertainer

Tell us about your current mixtape project “The Legal System” and your single “Pam Grier”! 

Yes! My current Mixtape “The Legal System” is out now currently available on . I’ve gotten great word on it, my fans seem to really love it which is always a good thing :).

Now my New Single, “Pam Grier” is produced by multi-platinum producer Eric “88 Fingaz” Parham and I’am so excited for my release date on the 24th of January. Of course as hints the title “Pam Grier,” lol I got inspired by my idol Ms. Pam to write a record that was fun but yet bossy, explaining how you can be a female boss in this industry yet dripping sauce which we call (Sex Appeal).

Do you feel your current project is the best introduction to you as an artist?

Yes, my current project does represent me best as an Artist. Newly turning 21 now woot woot (OFFICIALLY LEGAL) lol I have so many more subjects to touch on, based on my experiences. 

From the outside looking in, what do you feel your strongest overall message is to young people navigating the maze of life?

I would definitely have to say from the outside looking in, my overall message is to go after your dreams. Knowing you are your biggest potential regardless of your circumstance; never apologize for you being YOU! Also being comfortable in your own Skin, embracing your flaws but also working on self improvement. A Real Boss is someone who is (Built – On- Self-Success)

What’s on your horizon for 2017?

On my horizon for 2017…mmmm, there will be new visuals along with new EP later this year. I also have a new vape line dropping, which I’ve collaborated with this amazing company out of PA (Cloud Chemistry) to bring you guys some amazing hookah flavors that are all organic with NO Nicotine.

I also made my film debut at the end of 2016 in “Turnt” The Movie, which should be in a theatre near you late Spring 2017. I also can’t forget my new fitness DVD “Music Meets Fitness” dropping late spring as well, we’re way over due but you guys won’t regret the wait.

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career?

My Craziest “Where they do that at” moment in my career I would have to say…when I was doing a hosting event, one of my fans snuck in my section and ran off with my bottle from my VIP section and told me about it the next day on Instagram WTF lol .

For more LALove The Boss hit the socials and website below!

IG: @lalovetheboss

FB: LALovetheboss

Twitter: @lalovetheboss

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