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Published on January 19th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Laura LaValle ‘NOW’ (Premiere)

Laura LaValle (@laura__lavalle) has been moving audiences for years with her soulful vocals in competitions and performances. Laura began singing at three years old and hasn’t stopped since. At age 13, Laura released her album, “Everyday,” – an album that showcased her pop & R&B style.

Her new single “NOW” is an empowering break up song. The music video features amazing choreography and the dance talent of Michael Silas, former back up dancer for Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey.

Tell us about your current project!

My current project was written/co-written by J Dodd, Midi Jones, and myself.  It was such a fun experience creating music with them and they are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever worked with.  The project has 8 songs and a music video for the song “Now” which was the first song that was presented to me on my first trip out to LA.  Each song on the album has a different vibe to it, which is nice because it can appeal to all different kinds of music fans.  I especially loved getting to do my own background vocals and stacking different harmonies.

Do you feel your current project is the best introduction to you as an artist?

Yes, I definitely feel that my current project is the best introduction to me as an artist.  It’s very modern yet different from anything that is played on the radio right now.  I’m excited for the world to hear the songs that I’ve put so much time and effort into!

What is the most important part of music for you?

The most important part of music for me is making music that other people, as well as myself, can relate to.  I pride myself on making music that is original and unique because I feel as though most people do not know how to appreciate real music anymore.  Music is an outlet that I’ve always had whenever life wasn’t easy and I feel like it is something that I was truly born to pursue a career in.

What’s on your horizon for 2017?

2017, I would love to make more music to share with the world and go on tour!  I would really love to move to LA and I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and sing so thats definitely a goal for me.  Eventually I want to be able to sell out Madison Square Garden!

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your weirdest “Where they do that at?!” moment thus far in your career?

The weirdest moment in my career would have to be about four years ago when i was 13 and recording my first EP in San Francisco.  I was super tired the entire week that I was there and went from the studio straight to my hotel room to sleep.  Turns out, I had mono for eight months prior to that and the entire time I was recording!  Gotta do what you gotta do though.

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