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Published on January 12th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Live Session: Jakk Jo gives thanks for mom and Cash Money


Jakk Jo (@Jakkjomusic) hails from the Boot, that’s Louisiana for you laypeople and New Orleans to be specific. Long a spawning place for industry changing music and personalities, this young man is on the path to add to this illustrious legacy. The music is top flight, his grind is real and most importantly, Jakk Jo understands that respect given can take you far in the entertainment industry and life. These are lessons he’s learned from his mother aka living hip hop legend Mia X, as well as his relationships with perhaps two of the biggest luminaries in the game today, Brian “Baby” Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams. In our conversation, there was no mistaking his respect for the latter and the timbre of his voice when he spoke those names, held an emotional content that signaled something more than respect…I think its cool to call it love, in the sense of treasured uncles, mentors and supporters.

One gets a VERY CLEAR understanding of why I put it like that from the visual Jakk Jo did entitled “Birdman” which while full of visuals that show outward success, also deliver eye-catching and striking metaphors about separating real business success from the funk fakers…nuff said, check the joint!

The Music:

After 10-plus years in the game, Jakk Jo acknowledges that he’s finally found HIS sound and style which is best demonstrated according to his words, with his latest single “Stay Out My Business” which dropped this past December. A veteran of nine mixtapes and over 100 songs, his current project #WOHDAYMUSIK2 is what might be called his sweet spot…he really shines and delivers some soul stirring joints as well as some grit your teeth *ish delivered of course with the power the region from which he hails is known for. Don’t get it twisted though, he’s not a remake of anyone, he’s Jakk Jo and soon it’s this writer’s opinion, that’s going to mean something industry wide.


What’s the official line?

Jakk Jo was surrounded by Hip-Hop at an early age since his mother Mia X was the leading lady of the Hip-Hop label, “No Limit.” You would think that he would have an easy path to stardom, but she knew that the music industry was just as ruthless as the streets. Despite her wishes, he continued perfecting his craft throughout the years.

With his 9 powerful mixtapes and over a 100 songs it provides us with a sonic tour through Jakk Jo’s life. Each cut conjures a distinct mood or vibe that is powered forward by Jakk Jo’s defiant delivery. The sights and smell of his life are expertly captured by the Louisiana spitter and documented for the world to hear. Download over a 100 free songs  /free-downloads.

The Hype Magazine got some one-on-one time with Jakk Jo for a “Live Session” which laid bare his reasons for living and breathing music, his dedication to family and how he stays grounded. His relationship with Cash Money bodes well for the young cat who also has a business mind. Respectfully, his sights are set not on being a product of the label, but having a joint venture opportunity which lets him get first count on his money and provide him the ability to help others make a way for THEIR families.

The Conversation…Tune In!

Editor’s Pick from WOHDAYMUSIK2:

“Eat Regardless”


“Rollin Thru My Hood”

Look for more amazing things from Jakk Jo as he continues to rise and separate himself from the pride of young lions making their way into our speakers…yes “The South has something to say” and this artist is part of that fascinating story.

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