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Published on January 3rd, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Pam Grier talks owning her sexuality on The Real


Pam Grier Owns Her Sexuality The Real! Photo credit: Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

Today on The Real (@therealdaytime), January 3, actress and 1970s star Pam Grier (@PamGrier) opened up about owning her femininity, particularly in her portrayal of such iconic characters as “Foxy Brown.” She also weighed in on the importance of today’s female celebrities embracing their own sexuality.

“I owned my femininity. And I wasn’t doing it in a crass way nor did I do Coffy, one, two, three the porn version or Foxy Brown five, six, seven, eight.  It was just one statement of owning your beauty and that don’t be afraid of it. And then there’s no mystery.” says the eternally amazing Grier

If you’ve ever explored the “Blacksploitation” era of film you meet amazingly talented people via the big screen though few have the longevity of Pam Grier. In the era of re-awakening by Black America, Grier stood toe to toe with the likes of Jim Brown on the big screen, showing strength and dedication to community; her appearance today on The Real, once again showcased her intestinal fortitude throughout her career.

On a personal note…I’m still mad at the Fresh Prince!!! ~JD

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