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Who Is D.P. Da Prophet?

D.P. Da Prophet (@DPDAPROPHET) is an American hip hop recording artist and songwriter from Richmond, VA. He acquired such a diverse background in the music industry by attending Recording Engineering and Music Business School in Florida. Becoming an A&R for a thriving indie label back home and working with Wal-Mart’s Wholesale store Sam’s Club on a music project for kids also had a positive impact on his career.

Currently D.P. Da Prophet is promoting the release of his latest project the Believe EP, which has guest appearances from Saigon, Skyzoo, Nitty Scott, MC, Sean Brown and David Blayne. The production consists of hip hop, soul, boom bap and jazz. Believe is available on all digital stores and streaming sites worldwide. “The gifted wordsmith is compelled to pay homage to those who came before him, laying down the very foundation he and his peers stand on this very day. And after hearing his new EP, you’re simply forced to Believe.” – 2DBZ

D.P. Da Prophet has been featured on MTV, VH1, Yahoo Music and VEVO. Major publications such as HotNewHipHop, 2DopeBoyz, AllHipHop, The Source, Hip Hop Weekly, HOT 97, The Hype Magazine and The Examiner have covered his growing music catalog. D.P. Da Prophet is a member of The Recording Academy and a UMA (Underground Music Awards) Nominee. His music has been ranked in the top 5 percent out of 100,000 records when reviewed by over 200 people, male and female ages 16-50 which shows he has serious commercial market potential (via SoundOut). Da Poet Da Prophet is focused on creating timeless music for a lasting fanbase.

Tell us about your current project!

My current project that’s available on all streaming platforms & music stores “Believe” was put together at a time in my life when things got hard. I went to war with battles I had never faced before. Complications with my health which brought hundreds of medical bills, the passing of my baby nephew Ernesto & still trying to put together a wedding with the mother of my daughter. Music had went from first to last in my priorities. This project was just as much for me as it was for the fans to inspire people no matter what you are going through you have to believe in yourself. That you can overcome it & remember someone’s last day was yesterday but if you’re reading this you have another chance today to make it happen!

Do you feel your current project is the best introduction to you as an artist?
Yes I feel it’s a true introduction & really shows the type of music I want to create. Music that motivates. Music that shows a in depth look at what we go through in our communities. Music that focuses more on reality than fantasy. On the production side there are plenty of live instruments played on “Believe” which is the direction we are going for where it’s still being made in the box but bringing some of that real back into it. Also it doesn’t hurt to have underground legends like Skyzoo or Saigon spit a verse on this project. True hip hop fans have nothing but respect for those two & Nitty Scott, MC, as well as Kid Ink’s label mate on Tha Alumni Sean Brown blessed it. Frequent collaborator David Blayne added vocals throughout the entire project which added soul. When people compare some of your songs to J Cole or Google Play lists Nas as a similar artist on your artist page or your D.P. Da Prophet artist Pandora station plays your music along with Biggie, Jay-Z, Jadakiss or Cam’ron I think it’s safe to say i’m on the right path.

What is the music landscape in your neck of the woods?

I’m from Richmond, VA & there are many amazing artists here with a mix of hip hop, rap, trap, rock, pop, r&b & soul. Fine arts is big here but the resources are limited but expanding. Looking at my career who would of thought my video would hit MTV or I would be interviewed by The Hype Magazine. This year alone I saw artists from my hometown put on their own tour from the East to the West coast. Another artist made it on SisterHood of Hip Hop on Oxygen. I saw a major producer for Rick Ross’s MMG come back home start his own label & put on a bunch of artists from RVA currently molding their careers for success. We have a long way to go here in the 804 but VA has so much history in the industry there will be no holding us back as we continue to break barriers.

What’s on your horizon for 2017?

I have big plans for 2017! Just got back into the studio & working on a album. There will be a series of singles & videos released before the album. I have some creative ideas for merchandise I want to incorporate into this upcoming project. There will be no other rappers on it but me. Only features will be vocalists on hooks & bridges because I really want to connect with my fans on this one on a personal level. I have a few storytelling records that’ll be on there. Some inspirational music that’s going to take them to church. My usual thought provoking lyrics, something for the ladies & much more! Omari MC, Aleks Zen, Ty Frankel, Vladi B & I are taking the production to another level. I plan to tour after the project is released. I feel it’s important to get out there face to face with those who support your music & dreams. I plan to work with & support artists from my own town such as Cakes, Ray-G, Don Flair & more. I also will be helping to bring awareness to Vasculitis, Lupus & other AutoImmune diseases. 2017 is the year that I will really earn my spot. My trials of lately have helped me understand more than ever that I don’t know when my last day on earth will be so I must treat everyday as what if I can’t do what I love tomorrow!

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career?

Ha hmm well I was at a studio in DC recording a couple years back & I let the engineer do their thing but also if I want certain changes I tell them I mean I am paying for the session right, so I like my vocals a specific way when it comes to volume because I don’t won’t them buried under the music. I asked them to raise my vocals & the engineer tells me no. I’m like huh. They said your ears are not used to this room & if I raise them any louder they will be too loud etc. I’m always opened to others opinion but the final decision should be with the client. They bounced the mix. I leave put it in the car & listen on my laptop through headphones & as I thought you can barely hear me. I go back in & get them to fix it which takes less than a hour & they proceed to charge me for the additional time at a full hours rate to fix what I wanted fixed while I still had time left. This was a nice studio too so the hourly rate was over $100. Lets just say I never went back and redid the song elsewhere where the chemistry was right.

D.P. Da Prophet – For Hip Hop (AUDIO) ft. Saigon, Sean Brown

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