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Published on February 14th, 2017 | by Jason Bourne


Jewelz Milla: Making Dope Music 4 The Cool

 An aspiring artist on the Big Apple circuit, Jewelz Milla simply describes his brand of Music as Dope 4 the Cool. Straight to the point, as is his style in general. An assertive individual he brings his charisma to his music entertaining individuals and pique-ing interest from ladies and gents alike.    Pursuing a professional career for the past 5 years, Jewelz has put in the footwork at showcases and other events aimed at networking and building a viable brand. His performance credits include opening up for Vinny Chase, Kid Art, Smoke DZA, Manolo Rose and recently Young MA.  Working on his 4th project, Baggage Claim, Jewelz is focused on the release of the lead single Burberry Trenches.   A love of fashion and sports, he prides himself on his presentation both musically and professional.  A well rounded writer, Jewelz is also an accomplished screen writer, having composed treatments for many artists alike.  When asked when his love affair with Hip Hop began, Jewelz has this to say;

“It was around when Rap started to evolve. The gangster Image wasn’t the thing no more. It was about the flash! Hip Hop was now Rap; Rap Began to start bringing revenue and rappers began to talk that fly shit. I knew I would fit right in.”

 Around the untimely deaths of 2Pac and Biggie, Jewelz drew influence from Mase.  Respecting his versatility, Jewelz saw himself as that exact type of artist whom could shine on a track with your hardest MC easily. 

“Mase ushered in the area of feel good music.”

Other influencers include Fabolous, whom as a legend with longevity presented a blueprint for Jewelz to follow.  From running to 125th street to cop mixtapes, Jewelz studied the ins and outs of the game and worked on his craft daily.   Finding his way with new generation, Jewelz has not lost his principle sonically and finds himself right at home in today’s industry climate. Stay tuned as this young talent continues to grow.

Listen to Burberry Trenches

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