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Published on February 24th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Who Is Apollo Night LA ‘Artist of the Week’ 1Geno?

This Apollo Night LA (@ApolloNightLA) artist of the week 1Geno (@__1Geno) is a one of a kind artist hailing from Pittsburgh Pa. He started his musical path at an early age. 1Geno has stated that when he was young he envisioned himself as an entertainer on a grand scale while staying true to himself.

At an early age 1Geno became interested in all types of music. From Rap to Hip Hop, R&B, Rock and Pop where 1Geno has found influence in all genres. Although 1Geno grew up in some of the less fortunate neighborhoods that did not stop his quest for greatness. 1Geno saw past the street blocks and corners in his neighborhood and steadied the course of his life-long passion which was making music.

1Geno’s style is all his own. In today’s musical market where it is hard to stand out and be your own person and still garner fans somehow 1Geno has been able to accomplish this task by drawing people in as if he was the direct source of gravity at his live shows. Through live energy, raw lyrics and catchy choruses 1Geno has tapped into a void that has been missing in music today. 1Geno’s hard work and dedication is second to none and work ethic is a proven model for success. With a library of musical collections within 1Geno’s repertoire it helps him to stand out as an artist and think outside the box.

It will be a difficult task to compare him to others before him because he has carved out his own lane of music through originality and a style that dares to be different. Through consistency and hard work 1Geno is starting to see his dreams turn into reality. It will be a matter of time before 1Geno becomes a household name. Through 1Geno’s music and stage presence he will become a force to reckon with as he continues to make his mark and set the bar higher for his peers. (From http://smgscholar.com/artist/)

From The Outside Looking In, who is 1Geno?

A love beast

What brought you to the entertainment industry? (specifically music)

I always had an ear and love for music I just needed a way to express it and making music eventually became my solution.

Tell us about current project?

I’m currently working on my solo mixtape “Baby Egypt” dedicated to my unborn child Egypt who’s due July 21st

ApollonightLA “Artist Of the Week” winning single info?

The winning single “Flight” is actually a single (prod. By Mark Parker) off of “Finessin Amerika” a joint mixtape ft. Kidd Keem, ( A fellow Scholar Of SMG). Finessin Amerika can be downloaded on itunes, spotify, tidal, google play, shazam & more…

What song of mine would be my introduction song?

A song of mine that best describes me is hands down “They Don’t Know” a single off of my solo mixtape “Baby Egypt” that has cities and states in a frenzy I must say lol, Mainly, Pittsburgh, Pa my hometown.  “Baby Egypt” hasnt even dropped yet, not one single off of the project.

Wildest Hype “where they do that at” Moment?

Wildest HYPE Moment – Well I thought I may have very well become a victim of police brutality when I just so happened to fit the description (falsely accused) of a bank robber here in Pittsburgh PA, got arrested, THEN went to jail, because I just so happened to be carrying a registered gun in my own name and was just a few blocks away from the gun license center.

Company Bio- S.M.G. (Scholar Movement Group)

Scholar movement group is an independent label that is unlike any other. It is a label that allows the artist to be themselves and to express themselves that keeps them true to their fans and core supporters. Scholar movement group better known as SMG was founded in 2016 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. SMG offers a dynamic diversity of music genre. Its sole purpose is to help develop artist who are looking to achieve a great level of success in the music industry and abroad. SMG looks to pave the way in the music industry as a new sound and competitive force that stays true to its values of helping the artist becoming the best in their craft and in their field.

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Instagram: @__1Geno (2 spacebars)

Twitter: @__1Geno (2 spacebars)

Twitter: @SMG_ThaLabel

Facebook: Eugene Lindsey Butler


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