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Published on March 29th, 2017 | by David Morales


Didi J ft Shaggy in ‘Say No More’

Didi J (Dijana Rokvic) is a Serbian pop star, singer and fashion entrepreneur who recently released a single ft. Shaggy titled “Say No More.” Making her way to the US, Didi J is young, successful and an accomplished pop star with an exotic aesthetic. Well known all over the Balkans and throughout Europe, Didi J achieves her passions through music and fashion. “I love fashion and I love music. Those are my passions. I can’t live without music or fashion. I put them together all the time in my videos and in anything that I do,” says Didi J. Her presence is as graceful as her poise as she discusses with The Hype magazine her plans to become an international star.

Lady Gaga told me that if I want to become an international star and diva, I should come to New York – Didi J

Now with the release of “Say No More,” Didi J is readying a US tour starting in LA, and preparing for the release of a new single called “Cold Fever.” Also impending, a 10 track recording with Grammy award winning producer Toby Gad. With such intriguing collaborations, Didi J is living the dream in style. Combing her music and fashion in new and exciting ways that has instantly grasped attention in both worlds. And on the international pop scene, a new star is on the raise. But what caught the attention of The Hype magazine was a strong sense of determination and drive that resonates throughout her career, a small sample of what is to come of this alluring new singer and song writer.

You are calling me today from Serbia?

Yes, at the moment I’m in Serbia, but tomorrow, I’m traveling to LA. I’m going to have my first US tour and I’m very excited! The name of the tour is “Say No More” just like my new hit song with Shaggy! I’m so excited! I’m going to perform my new song “Cold Fever” and it’s going to be amazing!

So you have this single featuring Shaggy titled “Say No More,” what can you tell me about it?

Well it’s a great song. At first, it was only my feature. Before we finished “Say No More” one member from my team suggested that we do a feature with a big star. He told me that Shaggy would be a great opportunity. We called him and he said that it sounded amazing and he liked my style, my videos, Instagram and everything. So, we talked and he said yes!

You have done a lot in the fashion world! What is that like?

I love fashion and I love music. Those are my passions. I can’t live without music or fashion. I put them together all the time in my videos and in anything that I do. Dreams come true!  When I was five, I said to my mother and my father that I wanted to become a singer one day and a fashion designer. They just laughed. They said – no, you should be a business woman, but I was reluctant. I said, one day you will see. But yeah, I was listening to people like Madonna at the time and singing her songs. Taking what I could from them. It’s really a dream come true for me. Look at me now, I have a song with Shaggy!

How did you get your start?  

I started in Europe when I was 18. I won a big pop music festival here in Serbia. It was amazing. I developed my sound in Europe and I became popular in Austria, Croatia, Montenegro, and Spain. Then I met Lady Gaga! I met her in Vienna! Lady Gaga told me that if I want to become an international star and a diva and become famous in the US that I should come to New York.

Your hit song with Shaggy has such an overwhelming reaction, did you expect it to be such a hit?

Yeah! I knew it was going to be a hit, because the song is great and Shaggy is a big time performer. I have lots of friends from the US now and when people see me, in New York, LA and Miami, they all say that they love my style! They say wow! Personally, I think fashion is a good thing! It goes good with music, especially when you are a singer!

Whats next for you?

I’m going to have my first tour starting in LA. I’m also going to attend Phoenix Gay pride and I’m very excited about that because I support gay people a lot and they support me too all over the world. They love my music and fashion! I also have more songs with Toby Gad. He has collaborated with Madonna and he did the John Legend song “All of Me,” and has worked with Fergie and Beyoncé. He does all of the big hits!

What do you want your fans to know about you?            

They should know that I’m a really hard worker. The music is my passion and my dreams. I want to tell all my fans, thank you for all the support! Come to my tour and concerts to dance with me and spread love!

Photo by Andreja Damjanovic

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