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Published on March 15th, 2017 | by David Morales


Kitchen Decor with HGTV’s Kelly Edwards

Spring is around the corner and a great time to start new renovations. Creating a dream kitchen without spending a fortune requires a set plan in design. It could lead to a change in habit forming behavior meaning a changed lifestyle for many. That is why lifestyle expert and HGTV and STYLE Network TV host, Kelly Edwards joins The Hype magazine in a satellite video interview on how to get a trend forward look in 2017. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, one in ten households will have a kitchen remodel in 2017. More people are finally getting into their space and remodeling.

That means a healthier lifestyle. In fact, a third of homeowner’s report leading a healthier lifestyle after a renovation, from more home cooked meals, to eating more healthily. Is it time to do some spring renovations of your own? Give your space a refreshed aesthetic and renewed sense of appeal.

Kelly, what is the first thing you should consider when renovating your kitchen?

I tell everybody that the first thing you should do is focus on your cabinets, because obviously they are the largest most striking feature in your kitchen. Just like last year, gray was super popular. Again for 2017, gray seems to be the trend in kitchens as well. Hence, these beautiful gray cabinets that I have behind me. These are actually the Martha Stewart Living Pier style cabinets in snarky gray. Love them! They are a great base, are made from recycled wood, durable and they also have storage. Everybody needs storage in their kitchen!

They also have a diverse pallet of colors and resist heat, moisture and are easy to clean. Let’s say you get a stain on the cabinet, you can simply grab a damp cloth, wipe it down and you are done! It also has hidden functionality. Now you can hide the trash can, you can hide the recycling bin, you can even hide the pet’s dishes. If you don’t want to change your cabinetry – which I get – it may not be in your budget. But what you can do is change out the hardware. Anyone can do that! Here in this kitchen, I have the Liberty Hardware and brushed nickel. They have a variety of colors for that as well.

What is the exact differences between custom and in-stock cabinetry?

I know I just spent a little time talking about timing and budget, the same thing applies for when you go out and buy your cabinetry. Home Depot has both! If you decide to go customizable, here is the deal. You do not have to go and spend thousands of dollars on a fancy kitchen design shop. You can simply walk into a Home Depot store, find one of their trusted kitchen designers and they can walk you through the process of upgrading to your dream kitchen. They have everything from waterfall islands too frameless. You can go with creative colors – say you want something different – you can go with a Navy or even a red. They also have really great brands like Thomasville Studio 1904 Craft Made and American Woodmark!

Now on the flipside of that, let’s say you want to go with fully stocked. You want it to be easy and its within your budget. Home Depot has the Hampton Bay shaker cabinets in satin white which are very classic and look good in any space. You can accessories those to make them more modern, traditional or if you want to mix them both you can go with transitional. They are always fully in stock and have a next day pick up at the store or you can have it shipped within 48 hours.

Does it make sense to replace a kitchen faucet?

You obviously use your cabinets a lot, the funny thing is that you use your faucets more. So, you want your faucets to be functional as well as stylish. The one I have here is the Kohler touchless faucet. What I love about this is that it has this high arch. You can have some large pots that can be easily cleaned. It also has touchless activation. Touchless technology means that it has a state of the art sensor in it which stops the water and prevents it from false activation. When you are not in the room, it will not go off! It is stainless steel and scratch resistant and when it is paired with this Polar White Heaven sink. I think it’s amazing!

What are some trendy or maybe unexpected ways to add texture and color to the kitchen?

A lot of people think that texture should only be in your living room. It is funny because people don’t assume that texture would look great in the kitchen! It absolutely does! Texture in design means layers that you need to make it look amazing. One place you can do that is with your counter tops. In front of me here I have a quartz counter top. They mimic the look of garnet of marble. They are also scratch and stain resistant and they come in a variety of colors, patterns and schemes. So, there is literally something for everybody.     


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