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Published on March 23rd, 2017 | by Desaye Kenton


New Web Series ‘PAKQS’ Hosts Successful Meet and Greet

Quintin “QNHannaz” Walters, the son of female rapper Queen Pen and Buffy of the legendary hip-hop group the Fat Boys, celebrated the growing success of his web series “PAKQS” at a media meet and greet. The event was held at the 40/40 Club in Manhattan, New York.

PAKQS, is a YouTube web series based in Sacramento, California, that was created by Walters, and directed by T. Strong. The web series focuses on Q, the main character played by Walters himself. Walters’ character gets caught up in the underground Marijuana trade, a love triangle, and wars regarding money.

Walters’ publicist, Lynn Hobson, staged the event with help from host Jason Bourne and Malika Manning. The media meet and greet was sponsored by Jenny Goss’s all natural juice company, “Jenny’s Remedies.”

Hobson explained that the objective of the event was to introduce QNHannaz to east coast tastemakers and media professionals. The show has gotten little exposure in this section of the country because PAKQS is originally a west coast based show.

“We wanted to spread the word about PAKQS web series and get him some notoriety in New York because this is where he’s from,” Hobson said. “Being that he’s from Hip-Hop Royalty and Hip-Hop started in New York, it’s only right that he brings it back home to let everyone know what he’s doing.”

Walters said he was inspired to get further into entertainment after his newborn past away. He also decided to put together the web series because nothing existed currently in Sacramento for the people in the community.

The acronym PAKQS means Pounds of Marijuana, but Walters explained that it isn’t the sole focus of the web series. It’s just basically how his character gets his money.

According to Walter, his character, Q,  is a guy from New York, who’s doing bad, on pills, and on drugs. His character and his character’s girlfriend, played by Premadonna Shaw, run around the city, robbing people and eventually Shaw goes to jail. He moves to California and starts a new life, but he continues to take care of Shaw while she’s in jail. He eventually falls in love with another girl played by Rashida Walters, who ends up changing him from his street ways.

Walters said the web series is supposed to show people that if you’re doing bad, it’s not the end of the world. “It’s basically showing you to always keep your head up and keep it pushing no matter what you’re going through,” said Walters. “There’s always progress to be made, and there’s always time to wise up. There’s always room for improvement, and whatever you do, be the best at it and have loyalty and love.”

The mixer had a huge turnout. Some of the attendees included the Hip-Hop Film Festival founder, C.R Capers, Hip-Hop Film Festival Vice President, Julien Miles, and actor, Darik Bernard, who stars in Power’s upcoming Season. Many of Lynn Hobson’s other clients also attended. The CEO of “Industry Unlocked,” Luc Stephen, and actor, Jermel Howard, of Netflix’s “Luke Cage,” were there. The evening was filled with reporters and media professionals that interviewed the cast, while guests mingled with one another.



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