Published on April 19th, 2017 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Spring Jam 2017 Concert Edition in Louisville, KY

Last night the Hip Hop & R&B station B96.5 along with local promoters brought Remy Ma, Yo Gotti, Ty Dolla Sign, & Plies to Broadbent Arena for the Spring Jam 2017 Concert edition in front of thousands of fans in Louisville, KY.

The vybe was HYPE! Remy Ma who was just on VH1s Hip Hop Squares turning her nose up to her industry opponent Nicki Minaj after being asked to complete lyrics of Nickis “Andaconda” song on the show. Remy threw many shots at Nicki Minaj last night, calling her the “barbie b****h”. She talked about taking some chicks man in the industry and explaining thats how she found black love. Now Im not saying that shot was specifically for Nicki, but who knows, the rest of them sure were. Remy even talked about the platinum super star hip hop recording artist Nicki Minaj’s mandatory 90 day break from sex while joking on the plastic surgery she had in order to enhance the butt that so many love. She was definitely feeling herself and left the stage with the Nicki Minaj track in the background screaming free Remy.

The crowd loved Remy’s hate and the Louisville Love was so real.

She opened the act and Plies followed leaving the stage to go entertain a young thick woman who was sitting in the stands alone. Its true he likes his chicks BBW. Plies made her day, and followed a great reaction from the audience

The event was hosted by B96.5 And DJ’d by DJ Fresh, Rich Homie Quans former tour DJ and DJ Empty Beats from B96.5.

Papoose was also in the building

While backstage our teams star Honesty aka former Queen of the Ring Battle Rapper Swisz had the chance to interview a Louisville Legend B Simm’s one of the city’s musical champs performed in an opening act for the event. B Simm’s has made hit records for the University of Louisville featured NBA Star Rajon Rondo in his videos, and contributes heavy ro the Hip Hop community. Last night was a litty night for The Hype Magazine crew and the city of Louisville.

Writer: Swisz

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