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Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson Talks Melo Next Destination & The State Of Digital Journalism




At the young age of 12 years old, Brandon “ScoopB” Robinson (@ScoopB )knew what he wanted to do with his life and that was pursuing a career in sports journalism. Considered by many to be a child prodigy, he started laying out the foundation of his journalism career as a co-host on the Nets Slammin’ Planet program, a kid’s radio show with retired NBA player Albert King. It was featured on NBA Inside Stuff, Fox Sports and more.

Brandon is a former host of Brown & Scoop, which was a weekly sports and entertainment podcast at CBS. Robinson has also been a contributor to CBS Sports Radio and CBS Local Sports. The show interviews include public figures such as DJ Khaled, Mark Cuban, Dr. Ben Carson and more. The program was featured on media platforms such as TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, Deadspin, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, New York Post and ESPN.

Following the success of the Brown & Scoop podcast, Brandon would take his talents over to The Source magazine as he was front and center when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for his controversial comments regarding African Americans.

Scoop was also the Digital Curator for DJ Envy’s and cover stories such as LeBron James’ son being recruited, Tom Brady and Deflategate and the anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight.

He is currently a managing editor with RESPECT Magazine and you can find him doing a weekly podcast on Scoop B


The Hype Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with the Sports and Entertainment Journalist to talk about some of the events we can expect to see him covering this year. In addition, he talks about where he thinks Carmelo Anthony might end up next year, mentoring children in his community and where digital journalism is headed in the next couple of years.


Where do you see digital journalism headed in the next of couple years?

In my opinion, the shift really started around 2007 when the economy collapse. So, as a result, we saw more people doing multiple things meaning publicist were turning into journalist and vice versa. Since 2010- 2011 we have seen more uptick in video content and with the installment of social media allowing more things to go viral and reach the masses quicker. As oppose to waiting for traditional media platforms to break those stories. There has been an increase of independent journalists seeking out their own stories and content. Kind of similar how people were being discovered on Myspace and YouTube.   journalists are now kind of moving like actors looking for that next role or career opportunity.  The things the cream always rises to the top so if you are talented and have a skill set for video or audio you will always be needed.


You obtained your Master’s degree in Journalism from Hofstra University have thought about partnering with them and teaching a class on Digital Journalism?

The funny this is I am a lecturer at a local university as well as conducting workshops along with speaking engagements. I have spoken at all types of forums across the country at places such as NYU, Howard University, Columbia, and I have moderate different panels like National Action Network. In addition, one in Chicago featuring Karen Civil and I think the higher you go it your responsibility sends the elevator back down. Not only in a classroom setting, but in a practical setting as well.

In a lot of you podcast you talk about mentorship and its part of your passion. Since you obtained your master degree is there anyone that you consider a mentor currently?

I have had many different mentors throughout my life as a professional I would have to say Chris Broussard at Fox Sports and I have known him since I was 12 years old. This was back when I was covering the Nets as a kid.  In addition, I would say I had a mentor in college by name of Dr. Leonard Jamison and he always offered me solid advice and instructed me to pass on knowledge that was given to me.  You just find people on the way even as a child I had mentorship within the church I attended growing up.


You have had the opportunity to interview individuals like Gregg Popovich, Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller, Marv Albert and the list goes on. Out of all the interview, you have conducted thus far which one is your favorite and why?

As an adult, I would have to say, DJ Khaled, because I believe he is the wave right now and anybody from parents to my baby sister who is 20 years old right now and younger know who he is. Khaled is very insightful and I don’t think people give him the credit he deserves in the aspect because he is loud. As a kid, I would have to say Jason Williams from the Nets unfortunate situation with the shooting death of the limo driver I was in high school when it happened. I really got to know Jason as a kid when the Nets were doing well. Jason was always personable and it hurt my heart to see what he went through because he still is a nice guy. For me as a kid he really made you feel welcome and as a person and we recently reconnect and have not missed a beat.

Who do you think the Knicks will pick up in this year’s draft?

In a perfect world, I would like to see them pick up Lonzo Ball, but that is highly unlikely. Someone that I could be a good fit would be Malik Monk if you are going to distance yourself from Carmelo Anthony he is the person in my opinion.

In your opinion where do you see Melo playing next season if he decides to waive his no-trade clause?

If he waives his no trade clause I can see him in a Clippers uniform with JJ Reddick being a free agent they would have to do a sign and trade and add in some other pieces like Courtney Lee to make that trade happen. But another place I can see Carmelo going is Portland can you imagine that combo of with Damian Lillard and Jusuf Nurkic

Where does “Lob City” stand with them failing to make it out of the first round?

The funny thing the Clippers remind me of the Portland Trailblazers from the early 2000s that featured Bonzi Wells, Damon Stoudamire, Steve Smith, Detlef Schrempf, Rasheed Wallace, Scottie Pippen that could get over the hump and ultimately, I feel the Lakers were more a fine tune machine did what they needed to do to win. I think the Clippers are a team like those Blazers they had the talent, but they couldn’t get past Utah Chris Paul was the man but could make key shots in crunch time. I also think they were going against a determined Joe Johnson and after he left Brooklyn not a lot of people excepted a lot of him.

The Clippers are a great regular season team that can’t get over the hump and Jamal Crawford at 37 years, Chris Paul is still in his prime, but Blake can’t stay healthy. He kind of reminds me of Antonio McDyess early on in his career high-flyer but could not stay healthy.

Who are you two picks for NBA Finals and how many games will it go in your opinion?

Realistically on paper, I see the Cavs and the Warriors, but I can see Houston upsetting them in the Western Conference finals and I wouldn’t count Boston out of it in the East. Isaiah Thomas is determined because of the death of his sister and you can’t go against someone playing someone that has been through something like that. Kobe Bryant in 2004 when he was facing the rape allegation he found peace on the basketball court. In addition, you should remember the Celtics have been giving the Cavs problems all year. So, I could see them beating the Cavs and landing in the finals

Will you be covering The Big Three League Presented by Ice Cube?

I will be at a couple games throughout the summer. I look forward to seeing Allen Iverson get the opportunity to coach and play.

You are currently a Managing Editor with RESPECT Mag and with that comes a lot of pitch that has come across your desk. In the last two weeks what has been your favorite pitch and worst?

Yo put me on and can I get your login. I think a lot of individuals want to get their foot in the door because the no there are not a lot of employment opportunities. There hasn’t been a lot of growth and we are going through a phase within the industry where magazine and these other publications are not hiring like they use too and you are not getting the big budgets for these projects like they were before. You try to help people when you can, but this industry is not for everybody and some individuals lack the qualifications.

What is next for Scoop B Radio moving forward?

Brand Partnership is really what is next for the platform I have been in talks about working with serval different platforms over the last couple months. It is not really a podcast it is more of a time capsule, that started out of a Timberland box from different interviews I conducted as a kid and to even now. With guys like Sam Cassell, Scott Burrell, Jason William and the list goes on.

What is the message that you want to deliver to the public when they see you on television, Youtube, or hear you on your podcast?

To curate stories that people want to hear. Either nostalgically or tying things together that folks never thought could go. My interview with Too $hort exemplified that when he discussed LeBron James’ free agency and how it may be tied to Jay-Z, a former Nets minority owner; mind you, and his potential recruitment through remaking Too $hort’s blow the whistle.

Additionally, having Hill Harper on and discussing being in In Too Deep in 1999 and what it was like acting alongside Ray Allen on He Got Game. Sure, they know him in CSI and going to school with former U.S. President Barack Obama, but how many folks remember him in Peg and Al Bundy’s Married with Children and as Booger on Spike Lee’s He Got Game. Stories are very rich and in the infinite space called the internet, curating those stories to niche audiences is truly an honor.

NBA Awards can we except Scoop B to be in the building?

It will depend on my schedule will are more likely to see me at the draft, but we will have to see in that regards. The NBA Awards is something new and definitely twitter hashtag-worthy we will have to see what that will bring in June.






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