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Five Questions With: PHresher

I’ve said it before, it ain’t always charts that prove who’s killin’ it. PHresher’s (@PHRESHER_DGYGZ“Wait A Minute” was a shot heard ’round the world and the remixes declared the victory. I was searching SoundCloud and in just a few minutes, was able to find about 15 versions of the joint…I stopped clicking like and repost at 15 and you can see the “short list” after the jump. One of the four or five artists that kicked the door in at the close of 2016, PHresher is a well timed entry into the mainstream. He’s got that commercial appeal, a great attitude, AND the ability to stay true to what got him elected as one of the leading new young lions on the MIC. It’s dope to see an MC also be cool with just making some fun music. ~ JD

When PH dropped his “Wait A Minute” EP earlier this year, it put the world on notice that while he’s about fun and all that, he’s no plaything as evidenced by his aptly timed “Lyft (Fuck A Uber). THEN here he strikes with this 5/5 joint “Feel A Way” Feat. Jim Jones, Don Q & Papoose which hits hard. Call me biased, but the roster on this joint alone indicates playtime over and excites me for what’s to come on this upcoming Gangsta Grillz Mixtape.

The Hype Magazine got PHresher to weigh in on a few things, adding to his already insane schedule:

Outsiders have their own thoughts but how do YOU describe PH?

Sophisticated ignorance, PH is a charismatic, animated artist, my style is very unique, although I’m often compared to others I’m very versatile, and I pride myself on my versatility.

“Wait a Minute” was the shot heard around the world tell us about your reaction to the explosion.

It definitely was heard around the world. That was the start of PH’s revolution. “Wait a Minute” was life changing; it got my foot in the door. Now I’m here to stay. I knew it was a good record but I didn’t expect the people to react the way they did, I had artist like 50cent, Remy Ma and Royce the 5-9 on my record, “wait a minute” was one of the only records that I know of to be remixed so many times. I received hundreds of different renditions from my listeners, I would post at least five video a day from kids singing it,  people working out, comedians using the song in their skits it’s an overwhelming feeling, and I appreciate all the love and attention this record has gotten thus far.

Will you highlight your roots as a lyricist in upcoming joints?

Absolutely, I have so many different things in store for my listeners; I hope they’re ready for my roller coaster ride of new music.

What’s on your horizon for 2017?

I’m excited about what’s next to come. I’m about to drop a Gangsta Grillz mixtape real soon, Summer jam is around the corner and I’m working with a few established artist as well. I just want to triple what I did last year and continue to grow in the years to come.

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career.

During one of my performances a young lady literally tried to rip my pants off! She was persistent I had to hold on to my underwear as she attempted to perform oral sex on me during my performance.

Now that’s a real “where they do that at” moment that I will never forget.

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Bonus: 15 #Dope remixes of “Wait A Minute”

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