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Published on May 19th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Introducing London Hip Hop Head Freud Jung ‘G’s In The Ends’ (Prod by FYOOMZ)

London’s rising independent hip hop artist FREUD JUNG (@FREUDHAUShas released his latest studio endeavor, a single entitled ‘G’S IN THE ENDS.’ Boasting sharp, intense production from FYOOMZ, the track is the first insight into the artist’s debut mixtape that’s due out this August, a record called ‘PRAGUE STORIES.’ The new single is available to stream and download for free now.

Overall Rating 3/5: I’m not so heavy on the hook but I dig the style and sonics. Had it on repeat because of the track. Listened to some of Freud’s older joints and he’s growing ~ JD

A mysterious aura envelops FREUD JUNG. The performer is a rather enigmatic talent, one that isn’t often keen to discuss himself. His music, however, does this for him. FREUD JUNG has become known for his captivatingly honest and authentic lyricism, two traits always backed by eclectic, slick production. From Kanye West to Childish Gambino and Lupe Fiasco, FREUD JUNG pulls from a diverse palette of inspiration to create a sound entirely unique unto himself.

Prior to working on ‘PRAGUE STORIES,’ FREUD JUNG released an EP several years ago titled ‘FREUDIAN.’ That record was doused with darker, more atmospheric influences, even bordering on gothic. The following project, however, departed from that in favor of a lighter, more accessible sound. That EP, ‘INTERPRETATIONS,’ was the artist’s last record before taking a significant hiatus to focus on his own artistic development.

FREUD JUNG is now back with ‘G’s IN THE ENDS,’ an anthemic, youthful single inspired by the importance of camaraderie between friends. The track can be found on BandCamp and SoundCloud to stream and download, with ‘PRAGUE STORIES’ to make its debut this fall.

Twitter & Instagram: @FREUDHAUS

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