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Lil Wayne Free C5

The Carter V is a certified ghost album, and has been surrounded by controversy since 2015.  Luckily in 2017 the fireman is coming.

“Who am I not to follow greatness, Give these emcees hell like they all atheist.” Lil  Wayne (@LilTunechi) is debatable as one of the Top Five greatest rappers alive. He drew off the steam of some of the hottest records in history. Fresh off the steam of his stint as a independent rapper. Tunechi has been dropping crazy features in the rap biz.  The Weezyanimal is a monster, often times as listeners we feel he is Jekyll and Hyde. After all Wayne can be his own worst enemy. His flare is iconic yet his ability to change the game, can be both a blessing and a curse. The two faces of Tunechi are Mix-tape Wayne and Commercial Wayne, this is in respect to the music. Commercial Wayne puts out lovable records that everyone can enjoy.  And in that way he is like Legend, Bob Marley, very unifying. But to truly understand Weezy you have to listen to his never-ending catalogue of mix-tapes. Example The Drought or The Dedication series.  Lil Wayne transformed the metaphorical punchline. Mix-tape Wayne is fiery; he just elevates to another level, releasing content that will never go out of style.

“I am sitting on the clouds, I got smoke comin’ from my seat, I can play basketball with the moon, I got the whole world at my feet.” It’s true Wayne predeceased Swag rap with the skater attire, tattoos, dreadlocks, and Hollygrove temperament. Weezy ushered in the new era of rap music despite his sound remaining somewhat traditional. While other rappers become experimental to display musical genius, Lil Wayne sticks to the rhymes. All bars, all bite. Rumored to have an east coast ghost writer, the unprecedented greatness of Mix-tape Wayne has always been a mystery. The verses are just that good. Squad up was the platform Weezy used to push his personal label and agenda to the forefront. The super group consisted of fellow N.O. rappers Gudda Guddaa (@IMGUDDAGUDDA), Kidd Kidd, T-Streets, Raw Dizzy, Young Yo, Tee Banks, and Supa Branco. The Wayne we know is Cash Money, however the feared emcee is primarily gangster rap, as Squad Up produced an entertainment label to support their needs. The wordplay Wayne displays is unparalleled in hip hop. “Self-made G and them bitches know business, Relying on rap but in the kitchen I’m a chemist.”  Wayne is a staple ranging from Gangster Nip and Soulja Slim rhymes to Young Money flows, representing his label.  The label features artist Drake, Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Twist among others.

Free C5, released May 17th,  is the latest Lil Wayne mix-tape in his 15 year catalogue, of personal and street certified releases. It’s a 14- track mix-tape to interest the palette, of hip hop heads and new age trappers.  With never-ending rhyme schemes Wayne is on fire. With rare features like Raekwon and Jeezy, his documented mix-tape catalogue takes you on a journey through Weezy’s evolution. Often unorthodox, the best from Lil Wayne is yet to come. He’s been hinting a Carter V via Def Jam and Jay-z’s Tidal company.  Birdman recently verified he will release the music to Lil Wayne for The Carter V.  The 6th installment of the Dedication series releases later this year, and is slotted to be his last Dedication mix-tape.  Now whose gonna count out, Weezy aka Skateboard Eazy.  Gangster rap is redefined for a new generation in Tunechi’s verses from Hollygrove to Hollywood.

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