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Meet multifaceted music executive Ranna Royce

Ranna Royce is a Persian American music executive, entrepreneur, producer, publicist, and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. Ranna started her career under veteran Joe Isgro, the American Academy Award-nominated producer and executive producer with over 150 Gold and Platinum plaques for artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Teena Marie, R Kelly, and Aaliyah.

Ranna is currently a business partner of multi-platinum celebrity publicist and record producer Jonathan Hay. Aside from working with Jonathan on publicity for clients, she is working on a reality show for a major network being filmed in 2017. She’s also a songwriter.

Is Ranna Royce your real name? 

I was born Ranna Rahmatian and my childhood friend gave me the nickname Ranna Royce back in the days. People started calling me that and it just stuck. I legally changed my last name to Royce a few years ago because I couldn’t pronounce my old one and I travel a lot and wanted to get through TSA faster (laughs).

How did you get your start in the industry?

I interned for a talent agent then went on to work at a record label. I was working under Joe Isgro and was doing radio promotions, artist development, management, marketing, and production. Then I started booking artists for Hollywood venues. I ended up making a lot of contacts.

Who are some of the people you worked with?

I’ve worked on many projects some of the known names are LaToya Jackson, Bruno Mars, 21 Savage, Ke$ha, Kangol Kid, V.I.C. and Hurricane Chris.

What are some of the projects you are working on now?

I’m currently doing celebrity publicity with Jonathan Hay and working closely with upcoming artists Iliana Eve and DJ Hannabella. I wrote a few songs for them and am helping their day to day management. We are working on our upcoming reality show called Daddy Issues.

What is your involvement with Daddy Issues?

I will be on the show pretty much doing what I do now. The show will involve our day to day lives in the industry and working as a team and a crazy family. It will also involve many real life issues that people can relate to. We are filming this summer and there will be a lot of people on it.

You wear many hats and you’re always in the studio. Tell us about your approach to songwriting and co-producing?

I’ve been writing songs since I was like 13. I actually just gave a song I wrote to a major artist. I can’t disclose who I have ghostwritten for but their feedback is always motivation. Songwriting is definitely a craft of its own and there are many difference in songwriting and writing poems or anything else. Sometimes I hear a beat and want to add things or remove things and I have to verbally be like I want the guitar to go do-do-do-duh-duh or drums to go bam-bam-bam-bam and I want the last one to be the highest pitch. I can’t make beats but I say how I want it and they pretty much get it. I’m just as picky with my demos as girls are when they shop for shoes.

Where are you based?

I’m from California. I was born in San Francisco and grew up back and forth between the Bay Area and Los Angeles. I fully moved to LA after I graduated college. I spent the last year and a half in Miami and New York and just relocated back home to Los Angeles this week. Feels great to be coming home to my stomping grounds.

How do you like working with a publicity firm?

I love it. It’s me. My mind runs wild and I’m OCD but creative. I enjoy helping clients with their public news and image. You just never know what will happen. You will think you wrapped up an entire story then there’s a huge curve ball. You have to stay on your feet. We do a lot of damage control as well which I got plenty of experience with in my past (laughs).

How do you feel about your company involved with the Drake and Sophie Brussax scandal?

As for the scandal, I can’t really speak too much on that matter. Our company does great with damage control and crisis management.

I see you dated Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony for many years. Can you tell us about that?

Bizzy Bone is a great artist. I don’t want to to talk about anything personal.

Did Bizzy ever tell you his experiences of working with 2Pac, Biggie and Eazy E? Any inside info?

You’d have to ask him about his experiences as I can’t speak for him.

We noticed that rock on your finger in a photo on IG and inquiring minds want to know (laughs)? 

All that will be discussed in Daddy Issues.

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