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The Fo20 Massacre

Currensy @CurrenSy_Spitta remains true to the game as one of the most well-known Indie rappers dropping mix-tape The Fo20 Massacre.

You can catch Canal St.’s finest pulling up in his green Monte Carlo on Any Given Sunday. Consistently providing the streets with classic cars and classic bars with respect to the underground. Rhythmic renditions of heavy weed smoke and the realest of circumstances amass the backdrop of New Orleans, LA. New Orleans the home of both the Saints and Sinners. Where Bourbon St. is a hot-bed for violence and socializing. A desolate hometown where funerals are conducted daily, and choppers ring out.  Currensy chooses to use his sorrow to solidify Jet Life and his car club on the rap scene. The Big Easy is home of the Original House of Blues, the tradition of Zydeco, and infamously high crime rate. Somehow, Currensy has brought forth a new era of definitive jet-setters. Proving mellow vibes and high definition “Audio Dope.” is all it takes to cement yourself in rap culture. What is “Audio Dope”? It can be interpreted as simply a sound transmitting highs and lows to your speakers. Or it can be as complex as administering a vibe of rap sedation to the masses.

New Orleans hot boys versus cool flows is the typical Currensy mixtape. Recently The Fo20 Massacre dropped via  Currensy. Jet Life records use bars and instrumentals to balance the stoner cuts in this mix-tape.  This mix-tape is on gangsta lean with tracks featuring Cornerboy P (@CornerBoyP), T.Y (@OhYouBGson), Fiend, and Wacko.  Jet life takes keys from Master P.’s No-Limit records in true New Orleans style going commercial as an independent label.  The aesthetic of sound on this mix-tape has both the depth and texture of a live performance or even a vinyl record. The dynamic ranges of the light or soft reproduction in this case gives Jet Life some of the freshest beat versus audio filtration in the game. Currensy artistic integrity never fails the listener. The creative license he brings to ghetto realities is groundbreaking. Currensy is a sleeping giant. Commercial artist cannot hang with his hustle or wordplay.  He drifts in and out of killer methodical rhyme, and this tape just might bust your ear drums.

Currensys’ ad-lib’s keep the Jet Life mix-tape honest. Currensy and his Jet Life artist represent the East Bank, of New Orleans, LA. This mix-tape goes up in a cloud of smoke. These bars decipher whips, women, and kush smoke. and these rappers formulated some serious heat. Southern slang over East Coast beat production seldom disappoints, due to the merging of rap spectra. These joints will restore your faith in the other side of the game- fast money. The “Canal Street Boys,” solidify the vibe, calm, soothing. This mix-tape has it all, blaze one and respect the solidarity of Jet Life.  Tales of personal growth and financial come-ups, keeps you jaded to the facts. This is gold Dayton music for 2017.  Currensy and company are street wizards. Weaving flows of transactions, women’s attractions, and OG behavior.  With ten mixtapes from late 2016 to Early 2017, Currensy just might be the hardest working man in show business.  If Kendrick is Marvin Gaye, Spitta is James Brown.  He keeps the listeners palette wet until the Motion Picture Soundtrack.  F20 Massacre sets the bar high with lyrics straight out of New Orleans, and eclectic baselines. Stay updated at www.currensyspitta.com and download the mix-tape via Audiomack or Datpiff.com.

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