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Published on May 15th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Who Is: Apollo Night LA ‘Artist of the Week’ StephG?

Born Stephan Warren, StephG (@PMEStephG) this Apollo Night LA (@ApolloNightLA) “Artist of the Week” winner moved from his home of Columbus Georgia to Minneapolis Minnesota at an early age with his mother Kimberly Lafayette, in hopes of making a change in their lifestyle and finding better employment opportunities.

Steph G is always been a huge fan of music but his first love came on the basketball court. He had always dreamed of playing in the NBA and focused much of his time and energy on trying to accomplish that goal. Even then he had a strong knack for reciting his favorite artists music almost to a T.  His peers would tell him that he could be someone someday if he really focused on music but he never took them seriously.

Now, life has changed and he’s sees the acceptance for his music as motivation to the point he even took the initiative to start his own record label (PowerMove Ent. LLC)  and sign himself as the first artist to the label just 2 months after introducing himself to the world as an artist.

From the outside looking in who is Steph G?

Just a regular everyday person chasing after a  dream! Very passionate about my craft and it shows in my music!

What brought you to the entertainment Industry? Music specifically?

I have always been a huge music fan. It plays a huge part in my every day life. I have only been rapping for 8 months but the reaction I have gotten from the city that I live in gave me the encouragement to pursue music as my career.

Can you tell us about you current project and your Apollo Night LA “Artist of the Week” single?

The single that won me artist of the week was a song titled “I Wanna Love You” which is a song on my Current EP Entitled #Moves which is available on all major streaming platforms. ITunes, Spotify, Pandora, Tidal etc.

For new listeners what song of yours would you pick to listen to as a introduction to you?

I have a song Titled “Old Days” It’s about missing the memories good and bad… and how if you had another chance to do some things you either did or didn’t do in your past would you do it! Something I’m sure alot of people can probably feel.

What’s your craziest where they do that moment?

I was at a show with some of my white friends and out of nowhere in the front of the crowd a huge fight breaks out.. I thought it was a fight. Turned out to be a Mosh pit and all the white people were fighting for fun and turning up.. We don’t get down like that where I’m from lol we just dance lol



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