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Published on July 11th, 2017 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session: Strange Music’s Stevie Stone talks new album and finding his lane

Stevie Stone  has to be one of my favorites from the St. Louis area, in fact, he’s becoming one of my personal favorites in music across the board. For me, it began in 2015 with the “Malta Bend” project, specifically the joint “Run It.” His gritty from the gut delivery hit me right away and of course, we all know I’m a fan of heavy bottom on the tracks, thanks to DJ Qwik!

Stevie’s latest release on the Strange Music imprint, “Level Up” celebrates Stone finding his own lane and being comfortable in his own skin so to speak. This project offers a smorgasbord of sonics, exploring new dynamics for him as he experiments with a crossover sound with his Scott Storch powered project, especially the joint “Whippin Up” Ft. Db Bantino. WORRY NOT…if you like the bottom like me, the 808 Mafia driven single “Options” has all you could ever want…Stevie is being Stevie on this project and it’s #dope.

Overall for this album, it’s 4/5 from me for sonics, presentation, and lyricism. It all works and the new range from Stevie gives us quite a bit to look forward to as fans of music in general.

Ahead of the June 2 release for “Level Up,” The Hype Magazine got some time with Stevie to discuss the new album and how he sees himself developing in his space as an entertainer.

You went out to LA to work on this album and got the Scott Storch touch on this project, tell us about the single “Whippin Up” Ft. Db Bantino, this brought something new to the mix.

It actually features one of Scott Storch’s artist, DB who is a talented writer, talented artist out there in Cali. I wanted to have fun on this album, “Malta Bend” was a little more serious tone. Like you said, I did something different, we went out to Cali and just worked. I kind of left my comfort zone, leaving Missouri and going out there, but it was super dope and super inspirational to work with an awesome producer. With Scott and everything he brings to the table it was dope.

Stone holed up with Storch for two days in his home and “…we just worked; we got a couple of ’em on this album…” he says when describing impactful joints from the project.

You got a chance to work with 808 Mafia on this one as well

Yessir! I got a chance to work with Purps, of 808 Mafia when I went out there, super talented producer.

On his adventure in music coming to this point

It started out in Columbia, MO a small town outside of Kansas City and we used to dream, you know what I mean?! I got the opportunity to get a production deal. I started going up to St. Louis and recording a lot and I ended up getting a production deal up there. You know, was always about the work ethic…I love the studio, love making music and that’s what we always just did, just sat there and work. I found out when you stay grounded, you stay hungry, and you work hard the reward comes and it comes when you least expect it. That’s what happened to me, my first deal was like six months after I moved up there (St. Louis) and that was with Ruthless Records. I just continued to go and continued to go and here we are today, Five albums in and about to be in full with Strange so it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve got the same mentality, just keep working and working. Hard work and dedication and with that type of attitude, it’s going to continue to go up.

Well Said Sir!!! ~ JD

Stevie Stone is an artist who’s calendar will be full for quite some time; Touring with Strange Music, experiencing different audiences around the world AND delivering fantastic music that takes listeners on a journey they won’t soon forget as a whole and perhaps gives some specific moments in time when they’ll remember, i.e., I was listening to “Run It,” “Whippin It” or “Options” when this or that happened…we call that ‘Eternal Music’ and Stone has the formula.

Tune in below and hear the full conversation




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