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Published on July 12th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Live Session with Byron Booker, CEO of new streaming platform LookHu

Today (July 12, 2017), the new streaming platform LookHu officially took center stage as the newest and perhaps, most complete streaming platform in the expanding market. LookHu concentrates on making life easier on both creators and consumers…with substantially less confusion and unequaled transparency for the creator. Visual creativity has been taken over the world and the results have been great citizen journalism, high quality music videos and films created with ever advancing mobile technology and an increase of the platforms to host and monetize that content across the world. With so many options, how does a content creator get a fair shake? How does a creator who just needs a bit of logistics help get access to the tools and resources they need?

Meet Byron Booker, CEO of LookHu, a NEW streaming entertainment service tailor made for the millennial and cord-cutting generations. As you will hear in our “Live Session” interview below, LookHu is an entertainment company that is a veritable one-stop shop for creators. Whether it’s equipment needs such as cameras, personnel like editors, operators, distribution, synch issues, etc., LookHu is on its way to being that one number to call.

LookHu officially launched its premium service today July 12th. At launch, subscribers will have access to niche, short and long-form original content from celebrities and top social influencers, including Ray JSnoop DoggNash GrierKyle Massey and many others. Up close and personal content with Justin Bieber will also be made available.The service is THE BEST new place for influencers and celebs to take their content and create new revenue streams without being lost in the shuffle on platforms like YouTube where ANYONE can add content.

One of the first celeb projects to hit the screen via LookHu is the Ray J semi-biopic “Raydemption” which in partnering with the platform, was able to have a full scale production for which he’s extremely proud. During the premiere event for Raydemption, The Hype Magazine Man in LA HenGee Garcia got a chance to speak with Ray J about the film and what it means to him:

LookHu CEO Byron Booker took time out to talk to The Hype Magazine so we could learn why LookHu is the go-to platform for millennial viewers and how the company is attracting celebrities and top influences as content partners who are looking to do things differently than those flocking to YouTubeHulu and Netflix.

An around the corner thinker and innovator, Byron is at the helm of what could prove to be one of the most disruptive platforms in the industry in favor of creators looking to have control and studio styled support while not losing ownership of their product…Tune In!

Here’s the official line on the launch of the LookHu platform today

Lookhu, a streaming entertainment platform unlike anything else on the market, today officially launches its premium service. The service includes niche, short and long-form original content from celebrities and top social influencers, including Ray J, Snoop Dogg, Nash Grier, Kyle Massey and more. Additionally, the service is home to popular news channels, sports, TV shows, films, documentaries and more. Boasting its first-to-market, multi-subscription platform, allowing subscribers to truly customize and interact with content at an affordable price — both in the U.S. and globally.

The launch features exclusive content from celebrity influencers such as Ray J — Singer, TV Personality, and CEO of Raytroniks’ Scoot-E-Bike, who will be releasing the original series “Raydemption” in collaboration with Troniks Music Group. This will serve as a visual album for Ray J’s release of the same name. Lookhu has also secured additional talent including Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, DJ Rob and Designer Doubt, among others.

“Our goal is to become the go-to platform for the millennial viewer and others. We plan to continually expand the original content and interactive programming libraries on our platform, in addition to licensing this content to other platforms. We envision the artists and influencers that create short form content for Lookhu to expand their reach into TV shows and movies,” said Byron Booker, CEO and Founder of Lookhu. “We are actively working with production companies to find the right projects to achieve this goal, and see ourselves as the platform for users who want affordable, niche programming and don’t want to pay absurd prices for content they don’t want.”

What Makes Lookhu Different?

Lookhu offers niche pricing packages and multi-subscription options, which will allow users to create packages that are custom to their interests. The packages range from $2.99 a month up to $9.99 a month, and users can subscribe or unsubscribe on a month-to-month basis.

Lookhu programming spans across on-demand movies, documentaries, TV shows and music videos. In addition, the platform has exclusive short-form content created by well-known influencers and celebrities in genres that include comedy, cooking, fitness, DIY and more. Programming also will include live sports, international programming, and live news, in addition to content in Spanish which will cover sci-fi, children’s programming, comedy, and horror.


In 2014, CEO and Founder, Byron Booker noticed that the market was lacking in offerings geared toward the millennial ‘cord-cutting’ generation, and wanted to provide a strong alternative to those who were disenfranchised with the cable system. Therein was an opportunity to create a platform that offers streaming, on-demand assets, and exclusive original content that lives within an all-in-one platform. He recognized that streaming, à la carte programming, and à la carte channels were where the consumer demand for the video content market was headed. Booker founded Lookhu to address these needs and create content that would resonate with this demographic, and a user experience that would be optimal for that audience.

“We’ll have a diverse array of content like other streaming platforms. However, niche packaging is one of our key content differentiators. In addition, we are paving the way toward the first interactive content,” continued Booker. “We are creating short programming that utilizes social influencers and is reaching out directly to those influencers to get them involved. We are also allowing the audience of those influencers to respond to that programming in real-time which has not been done before.”

By partnering with Lookhu, celebrities and influencers get to own their assets in partnership with the platform. Lookhu offers studio facilities with access to cameras, editors, and production elements that celebrities and influencers need to produce quality content and elevate their projects. The platform is actively bringing on creators that see both the value in being able to deliver high-quality content and understand how to market it.

“Lookhu’s advantage is the ability to be truly agile in marketing. When you log onto the app, we control the homepage, the messaging, and work with artists to make sure that we highlight their product,” Booker added. “At the end of the day, artists want to make content because they want their work seen. As an independent company, we can cater to their needs and can help facilitate their goals. They recognize this which is why we are attracting high-level talent to Lookhu.”

About Lookhu

Lookhu is a cord-cutter’s dream! We’re a streaming entertainment platform unlike anything else on the market. We stream the highest-quality digital entertainment live, and on-demand, our menu offers niche, celebrity-created content, across multiple devices. Lookhu is app-based, and highly focused on content within specific genres, including cooking, TV, Film, Sports, Comedy, DIY and more. We offer both short and long-form programming for subscribers in the U.S. and around the world. We stand out from the rest by offering our content at multiple price points, becoming the go-to platform for entertainment consumers who want more from their subscription services. We’ve set out to create content that would resonate with millennials and beyond, giving them premium, niche programming at package-based, affordable price points. We enable artists and celebrity influencers such as Ray J, Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Cole Sprouse, Kyle Massey, and others, to create content for Lookhu as a way to expand their reach into additional avenues, including TV shows and movies.

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