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Published on July 7th, 2017 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Meet Music.ly sensations 300lbs of Guwop

Music.ly sensations 300lbs of Guwop (@300LBSOFGUWOPare on the march with their mainstream release “Teefus” which is an entertaining intro to duo DK Guwop and 300 Rez. The joint is fun and lively and the youngsters are keeping it fun and respectful!!!

What exactly is the meaning of the name ‘300lbs of Guwop’? 

DK Guwop (@DKGUWOP) – 300lbs of Guwop is a combination of both our names. 300 Rez aka 300lbs of Swag is my better half. The Guwop in DK Guwop has two meanings, its homage to my role model Gucci Mane and also represents an acronym, ‘God Unity Wisdom Opportunity Power’.

300 Rez (@300REZ ) – 300 Rez also goes by ‘300lbs of Swag’. One day DK Guwop decided to leech on to my name and just like that… we became ‘300lbs of Guwop’.

Talk to us about ‘Teefus’

300 Rez – ‘Teefus’ is a record that DK Guwop wrote basically describing the lifestyle I decided to take. It’s 100% a true story.

DK Guwop – Believe it or not I wrote the hook to ‘Teefus’ in 2015. This was my sophomore year in college and I was still living in my mom’s house. The word ‘Teefus’ is slang for gold teeth and is a huge part of Floridian culture.

What made you all go with producer Jetsonmade?

300 Rez – Jetsonmade was the first producer to ever link with us through the internet and believe in us. He was very consistent and his sound took us to the next level musically.

DK Guwop – Yeah we met Jet off of the internet and he sent me some samples that I thought were so unique and fire. All of his instruments and sounds were pure and not copies of other producers either. We wrote a song called ‘Brekfuss’ the first time we heard a Jetson beat and it was magic ever since.

Talk about your unique style of fashion.

300 Rez – Flyest niggas out and we from Florida. No we don’t sag our pants and act like thugs. Our shirts tucked, we got gold and we color our hair. This ain’t regular Florida shit.

DK Guwop – I wouldn’t call it unique but more of a blend of modern and 90’s fashion. See back in 2013, 300 Rez put me on to thrifting, buying clothes for like two dollars and styling in them. Ever since then, I’ve been getting a lot of nice vintage tees and mixing it up with a trendy style pair of jeans or boots.

You recently posted a naked picture on Twitter that got a lot of attention. Talk about the thoughts behind that.

300 Rez – I’m pushing the needle. I’m fat. I’m naked and I’m loving the skin I’m in. Maybe you should too… I just want to keep the fat niggas alive.

Being from Florida, talk about the ‘Sunshine State’ and the local impact it’s had on your career?

DK Guwop – Being from Florida and especially from small ass Daytona Beach, it’s been that boost for me personally to want to stand out and go against the norm. I actually wanted to make music that directly related to what I know and how I feel. I like to have a lot of fun, so that’s what you’re going to hear in my songs. Central Florida isn’t really recognized on the charts nationally and I believe 300lbs of Guwop is going to change all of that.

300 Rez – I love Florida. I’m proud to be a Florida boy. I got gold teeth and I’m dreaded up – – you know where I’m from. The local impact did nothing for me. Nothing locally influenced me. I don’t sound like nobody else in this state. I’m not a copycat. First name: Trend, Last name: Setter.

How has your Musically app (musical.ly) presence taken off like it has?

DK Guwop – It’s surreal. I never personally used Musically until we announced the #Teefus challenge but I noticed how quickly it grew our fan base exponentially. I guess that’s just the internet at work (laughs). Kids these days…

300 Rez – All I can say is the youth. The fucking youth. The kids man… The kids love us. They want to be involved. We inspire people. The outcome of the contest was crazy.

Your current single is quickly lighting up major radio all across the country. Talk about that and what’s it like to hear yourself on the national airwaves?

300 Rez – The radio is definitely a blessing. I never knew I would make it this far but I do deserve it. I finally heard my song on the radio on the Fourth of July. I’ll probably never forget that day. I wanted to do backflips. It’s just a wonderful feeling.

DK Guwop – The feeling is surreal. It sounds cliché but I never dreamed I would hear my own voice on the radio. I’m just now recently buying my own first car and next thing I know, my song is heavy in rotation. Like, bruh, I still work a full time job. Do you have any idea how it feels when you come in to work and your boss tells you she just heard your song on the radio? It’s pretty amazing. I’m so thankful for all the people behind scenes that helped this come to reality.

300lbs of Guwop is an independent act. Talk to us about the your indie infrastructure that is making major moves.

300 Rez – We are independent and signed to 80 Proof Records. They believed in the movement since 2015. They continued to watch us grow and develop… And now we are here headed for the Number One spot.

DK Guwop – Well being an indie act, it gives us that freedom of creativity, which is honestly the best thing an artist or group could have. You get to just be yourselves and kind of live by your own rules. And another good thing about it is that when we do make our moves, it’s without the assistance of any major label. We can say that it was just our small circle that helped us get here.

What is the ‘bigger picture’ play for you guys?

300 Rez – Take over the world and Impeach Donald Trump!

DK Guwop – Getting our debut album RIAA certified platinum. I don’t care how long it will take but that’s my goal. I also want to be the first person in Daytona with a Grammy.
Last words?

300 Rez – I’m fat and handsome. XXL should start letting groups be able to be on the Freshman cover.

DK Guwop – 300lbs of Guwop is the new K-Ci & JoJo, Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh and Outkast.. And we here to stay.

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