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Published on July 22nd, 2017 | by David Morales


Printing furniture in 3D with Print The Future

Interior design just took a new turn. Now you can 3D print your own furniture. But why would you want to do such a thing? Not only does it look super cool that gives your living space a unique and custom appeal, but it accesses your living space and adds a sense of aesthetic that you can’t get anywhere else. With this new technology, you can recycle bits of your old furniture and create fresh new pieces that will change your everyday life. It’s super cool! So, if your one of those people who like to try new things, check out Print The Future stores worldwide. Learn how you can request a new pop up store in your city so that you can try 3D printing ideas for yourself.

Neill how do you see 3D printing impacting the lives of everyday people?

It’s the world’s biggest secret. You know the ability to take an idea and print it and have it the same day and then ultimately recycle that idea for something new. It’s going to change how we think of buying and using products. Today we literally buy something use it and we have to find a way of disposing it. With 3D printing, you can have an idea, we can help you design it, print it on multiple printers and then take it home and use it like the chair I’m sitting on today in our studio. It’s going to change everything.

How is Print The Future different from other 3D printing companies?

We’re an omni-channel brand, that’s how I describe it and in plain English for that is we’re an online, offline experience and we provide you with a designer to help you design your idea. Then you print it and take it home. Where focused to bringing 3d printing to the main stream or the masses. Whereas I said we’re focused on furniture today where most people think of 3D printing of smaller objects items, Star Trek heroes, we want to bring it. We want to make it trendy! That is the best way I would describe it.

What if I know nothing about 3D printing?

Great question! We’re building boot camps and those boot camps are for any ages, any level of experience and as 3D printing starts to grow and more materials come out our boot camps will be adapted to help you learn. So, you know for an example you can come into our Vancouver store and you can spend an hour a week learning about 3D printing and how to use our platform or you could do a crash course in one day to learn everything we can possibly teach you so you can leverage a 3D print platform that we’ve built.

Can I really take something that I don’t like and have it made into something else?

Recycling is that the major of our business and we’re investing in R&D and yes, the goal is ultimately you be able to print anything with us, recycle that product and take something new home.

Where can our viewers go for more information?

You can go to



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