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Published on July 15th, 2017 | by David Morales


Summer housework hacks with Tracy Metro

Here to discuss summer housework hacks, LA designer Tracy Metro, best known for her role on the hit UK-based show House Doctor, joins The Hype magazine to share a few tips and tricks to give you back your weekends. Spend more time enjoying the summer and learn the best kept secrets for keeping the cute things in your life clean like your kids and your pets. Check out her cleaning hacks for getting your home move in ready and her favorite safe for the baby and puppy cleaning supplies. Don’t be left out of the surprising DIY hacks like using mayonnaise to remove water stains from wood. What about those little at home artist who get crayons on the walls? Learn how you can hack that too with toothpaste! Nothing is to great of a task with the right tools for the job. That is why The Libman Company put together this short satellite presentation to show you how you too can be resourceful and get into those summertime hacks.

I understand you are here to talk to me about some summer housework hacks?

Yes! Summer is a messy time of the year David, isn’t it? Summer is officially here right! I believe the second day they closed up their backpacks for this school year that’s the official start of summer, even if it isn’t, it on the calendar. Although it is on the calendar any who I digress! David so kids are around pets around your house was probably a little bit chaotic, right? I am here to give you a couple of hacks to embrace life’s messes. So, do you spend your weekends cleaning David? Most of us do! I’m going to give you your weekends back! You’re welcome! Here’s how! Create a cleaning calendar. It’s so simple, by that, I mean you clean a little bit every single day. For example, Mondays you dust, Tuesdays you start the laundry, Wednesdays you clean the bathroom. You get the idea. So just a wee bit every single day. Now if you’ve got kids and pets, a great eco-friendly option for cleaning products is my trifecta, which is pretty basic, but it’s vinegar, lemon and baking soda.

It’s such a great way to have a clean house. You don’t have to worry about anything toxic about you know the little ones. Now hack number two! When you clean your shower walls, do you get soaking wet? Sometimes you do! Not anymore. Consider that a thing of the past. So, this is lemons wonder mop. You wet it as if you were just going to mop the floor, however instead of mopping the floor you, stand outside of your shower and you mop the walls. How you like them apples? It’s such a simple hack, right? Your shower walls are clean so you’re already in the bathroom. you’ve got a wet mop, you may as well mop the floor. Now the bathroom is done here’s what’s amazing about the wonder mop. Check this out! The head pops off and you can just toss it into the laundry which you’re going to do on Tuesdays. So, this is ready for you next week when it’s time to clean.

Now if you’ve got little Picasso’s that get a wee bit too creative with the crayons and they take the artwork from the countertop and they put it up on the walls and they go outside of the piece of paper — you’re like no they’ve got crayons on the gauze don’t even freak out. Even if it’s on wallpaper such a simple hack. Take toothpaste! It has to be white, it has to be the paste kind, not the gel kind. Take your sponge you take a little bit of a moist sponge wipe it on the crayon mark let it sit for 30 minutes, take the scrubby side and then your crayon marks are gone. Why am I telling you about these hacks today in particular? Well I’m glad you asked David!

Today is the kickoff of Libman summer cleaning tour calls “Embrace Life’s Messes.” You know who Liban is, they’ve been around since — oh I don’t know 1896. They are a family business made in America. They pretty much wrote the book on cleaning. Well anyway, the summer tour is going to 20 cities across the country, nearly 200 stores are going to be visited. So, if you want to show up to learn some hacks like some demos and win some free goodies — who doesn’t want free cleaning goodies — head on over to Now I don’t want you to freak out if you’re going to be on vacation when they come to your neighborhood and you’re like — now I’m going to miss the tour. You can still possibly win some free goodies if you sign up on Lippman’s website for the sweepstakes, which is called the spin to win.

Well how about getting your home ready for some move in ready tips?

Oh, this one, I love this tip! Most people don’t think windows are that big of a deal. The dirt that collects on our windows causes so much more trouble than we think. Because it blocks the sunlight that comes in, it is such an easy level. It’s not even really a hack if I’m honest. Take some water in a spray bottle, spray it, and then just take a squeegee and then you’ve got the clean windows and more sunlight comes in. Sunlight just makes people happy!

Where can we go for more information?

You can head over to



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