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Who Is American Born Songtress LaTina Webb?

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American Born singer LaTina Webb (@LaTinaWebb) lives by the persuasion that life hurts, music heals. Born in Blue Island, Illinois, raised in Chicago, and educated in Arlington, Texas, Latina currently lives in Los Angeles working as a professional vocalist and songwriter. For more than twenty years she has traveled the world singing with neo-soul, R&B singer, Maxwell. Her up-tempo pop sound and chameleon-like harmonies and has even shared the stage with other multi platinum artists including Barry White, Brandy, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, Macy Gray, Eric Benet, and Jodi Watley. The LaTina’s first big break was getting together the international tour of legendary singer, El Debarge.

Latina’s debut album “Toes In The Sand” which was released in 2011 and received some great feedback. Susan Mutharia from the Urban Music scene wrote,” LaTina Webb is more than just a background singer. She is an artist with her own style, edge, and attitude. She is a singer/songwriter who feels that music! Heals.”

Her sophomore album, Prediction Missives releases in Spring 2017. Latina’s single ‘Adore’ bridges the gap between both of her albums. Prediction Missives is a narrative of a sexy, liberated woman who radiates love, a Love Queen. Latina’s musical objective is to bring back music that all generations can grow into while sharing love, need for love, and the experience of love.

The talented songstress recently spoke with The Hype Magazine about some of the things that inspired her to create her latest masterpiece Prediction Missives

Can you tell some of the things that inspired you to create “Prediction Missives ?”

Life. My relationships with the people in my life. The ups and downs of what you think will happen verses trusting in what is happening. The doubtful thoughts you may be faced with in life doesn’t mean it’s the end or that your predictions are ‘solid gold’. They could be wrong sometimes. So live life. It’s what you make of it that counts. Like I say in my tribute track ‘DavidBowie’ …“It’s just a simple yet complicated thing.Life is like a bowl of cherries…You live and laugh at it all, oh no it’s like louder then you laugh hahaha”.

What is your favorite single on the project?  

I really like ‘Fool In April’ because it’s a song about making mistakes and not being sure and yet also knowing that it’s ok.  You’re gonna do dumb shit sometimes and sometimes you’re gonna be a Fool in April.

You had the opportunity share the stage with artist like Barry White, Brandy, Gwen Stefani, Justin   Timberlake, Macy Gray, Eric Benet, and Jody Watley. Can tell some techniques or advice some of these performers have shared with you? 

Work Hard. Stay focused on your craft. Believe in yourself.

Do you plan on going on tour this year? 

I would like to go tour this year. I am working on making that possible as we speak. Stay tuned on www.latinawebb.com subscribe to my website and youtube channel LaTina Webb Follow me on twitter or Instagram  I’ll keep you posted!

Growing up did you take singing lessons prior to pursuing a career in the entertainment business?  

Yes, I did. I went to a vocal coach his name was Doc Holiday. I remember I had a session and either before or after me the singer no one really knew at the time was Tyrese Gibson getting his lessons as well. I remember his smile. Learned a lot more about my voice after working with Doc at the time. Also learned technique from Seth Riggs. These days there are a lot of vocal warm ups and techniques to help you on a day to day basis on youtube.

Who are some artists you like to be able to work in the studio? 

Frank Ocean, Lionel Richie, Pj Harvey, Lady Gaga

How do you think you have grown between your first project “Toes In The Sand’ and “Prediction Missives”?

I’ve grown in making something personal yet still upbeat, hopeful and real. My first album was whimsical. Fantasy driven and more of a fun thing to write. Prediction Missives was me wearing my heart on my sleeve and sharing to my audience a more intimate take on my somewhat shy personality.

Has your daughter shown signs that she might follow in her mother’s footsteps?

She has but at her age, you just never know what she will end up doing. She definitely has over the years taught herself to play guitar and has a beautiful voice. And more recently she just wrote a song and it was so beautiful I thought and told her that writing was a beautiful outlet for her. That moment had me thinking maybe she could find herself a songwriter. You never know.






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