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Who Is rapper, producer, songwriter Omega Crosby?

Omega Crosby (@omegacrosby) is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Modesto, California. By 2012 Omega Crosby was releasing his own singles and music videos, and his first mixtape, Urban Muzik Vol.1, came out in early 2013.

Currently signed to Empire Distribution, he has collaborated with Hip-Hop artists such as Clyde Carson, Adrian Marcel, and Chingy. In 2015 he released a solid mixtape titled “Modesto,” followed by a digital exclusive mixtape called “2016” released January 1, 2016, by Bay Area based company Thizzler and Swisha House CEO, DJ Michael “5000” Watts. On January 20, 2016 he released his first independent album titled “Kalifornia”.

We got some time from Omega who weighed in on a few things for The Hype Magazine

From the outside looking in, who is Omega Crosby?

From the outside looking in Omega Crosby is not just a rapper. He is an Artist. A hip hop artist and producer. Everything that has happened or created in his mind comes to life through his music. He is a smooth guy from a lower class family that tied up his boot straps and went in the booth to put his problems to rest.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

Music is a type of therapy for me, but as a young child I was in a church choir and singing group, which led from me singing to rapping. In 2008, 9th grade I got very serious with music. I guess you can say in between back then I just focused on perfecting my craft instead of putting out too much material.

From UMA Entertainment to Empire Distribution and Kemani Entertainment, you’ve had a bit of a journey. What’s been most satisfying professional highlight of your career thus far?

My most satisfying highlight thus far would be my 2017 streak of luck. I got verified on all of my social media accounts, I sold more CD‘s and got over 10 million streams altogether. I never ever dreamed of this happening like this, especially this year. I’ve had quite a struggle trying to be heard from a small town called “Modesto” which is located in California. And all both know there are so many big and huge talents in America let alone California, to attempt to be seen usually you get left in the dust. So I am  very proud of 2017 so far.

Tell us about your current project “Superstar” which seems to be a less constricted you, and how this project impacted your outlook on music you look to make in the future.

Superstar is an album about what it takes to be a star in the entertainment business, struggles and motivation. The CD was originally for me, but instead I dedicated it to all of the people who hate on hip hop artists like me. My friend died from a self-inflicted bullet wound to the head in the process of making this album, so that also was a big thing for me to take to my heart and music. I want people to have fun but to also remember that struggle exist in many forms.

For new listeners, what song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you as an artist?

“Kill Them All”. I would have to say that one because it’s the most raw form of me as an artist. I went in about problems I was facing at the time and just the reality of coming from a less fortunate environment.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

Outside of music, I love filming, acting and video games. I really love capturing a great cinematic picture and bringing it to life. And yea, My favorite video game. Better yet “Video Games” of all time, would have to be Grand Theft Auto and Tekken. I think they’re the rawest of their genres.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

My craziest wtf or weird moment would have to be, when i performed at a beer fest in 2015 and right before my performance, the last performer was so drunk he stripped nude and was tackled by the cops and the DJ threw me the mic and said “kill that sh*t, bring the crowd back”. It was disgusting and crazy, but now its funny. I really get a kick outta that day.



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