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Who Is Rapper, Songwriter, Actor and Entertainer Grimass?

According to the official line – Rapper, lyricist, songwriter, performer, actor, and all around character, GRIMASS has yet to meet a venue too big or too small for him to perform in. From opening up for acts like Kodak Black, shutting down and dominating competitive venues and events such as; The IShowcase Music Exhibition and the Coast 2 Coast Music Industry Mixer, GRIMASS commands and dominates the stage.

Not limiting himself to music, GRIMASS recently explored his acting talents playing a role in an upcoming Florida Filmhouse Feature Film entitled A Miami Love Story.

GRIMASS recently released a new single entitled” I’m That Boy” featuring August Alsina which made it’s successful debut on WMIB 103.5 The Beat in Miami, FL.

The album “Book Smart Skreet Smart” which hit digital retailers and streaming outlets this summer is a full service project which gives us much to look forward to in the future from Grimass. 4/5 for me ~ JD

Grimass weighed in on a few things for The Hype Magazine

The meaning behind the name Grimass?

Grimas is a Creole word that means ‘to make funny faces or actions’. It is something frowned upon as such things one shouldn’t do in public. But when a person has a personality that is vibrant, full of humor and wild… succumbing to the norm is clearly out of the picture. As for my music, well, it reflects my personality which is why it is receptive to the masses. That said, as for the origin of my name, I added another S to thus you have GRIMASS. Gri gives you MASS [as in more] when it comes to the music because simply put it’s my personality. The more you have to offer the more you will attract.

Are you fluent in Creole?

I am very fluent in Creole. As a matter of fact, in my rhymes you’ll more than likely catch me spitting a few bars in Creole. I want my fans to also get to know my culture as well as me as an artist. “HAITI WHO I DO IT FO”.

What are you working on now?

Currently I am working on the launch of my video for my new hot commercial single titled “I Got The Time.” It’s up on YouTube and WorldStar and it will debut on VH1, BET, and MTV soon. I am also working on the video for my street single titled “YA YA YA YA.” It is in the final stages of post production. This video will also debut on all major outlets. Both records are charting on Spotify and TIDAL which you can check for yourself.

Talk about opening up for Kodak Black.

Opening up for Kodak Black was a great experience. He is also of Haitian descent so opening up for my brother was a great feeling, let alone a good look. The fans were real receptive and impressed with my music and performance. When I perform I’m all over the place engaging with the fans. I want them to feel like I’m at arms length and not unapproachable. I love my fans.

Done several major showcases. What was the best one and why?

Out of all the showcases the best one was a recent one that I did in Georgia not too long ago. There’s no better feeling than coming to a state where you’re not that well known and to have everyone in the building rocking with you as you join them in the crowd. The cameras don’t lie and as you look at my performance video you’ll see what I’m talking about.

What does your live show consist of?

My live show consists of high energy and engagement. As I stated previously I will never allow my status as an artist to disconnect me from my fans.  I never want my fans to feel like they can’t connect with me. With that being said, I enjoy I going in the crowd, embracing my fans, especially the females, Gotta connect with them and show them some special attention. I serenade them while looking into their eyes as I sing to them. Of course their boyfriends don’t like that part, lol!

Talk about “A Miami Love Story.”

“A Miami Love Story” is a modern day Romeo and Juliet independent film that was shot by Florida Film House. The film company is based out of Miami, Florida In the movie, my character Jean is the liaison between the Dominicans and the Haitians. They share the same island yet historically they don’t get along well. The gist of the film without giving too much away; A true love from a man and a woman of each culture shows that it shouldn’t matter what your culture is, that along with a KICK A$$ story-line filled with action and drama makes this movie a thriller.

Being that your home-base is Miami. . . Have you networked with DJ Khaled?I’ve met Khaled a couple times. He s a pretty cool dude. We’ve presented a situation to him but like any offer it has to look appealing. At the time I wasn’t as polished as I am now. He’s watching. I’m drawing his attention according to a very reliable inside source.

What was it like working with August Alsina?

Working with August was a great experience. Although we didn’t physically meet in studio to complete the record, it came out phenomenal. His fans have quoted themselves saying: “I’m a new Grimass fan” shouts out to August Alsina.Your Twitter says that you are sponsored by the award-winning LS Cream Liqueur. Can you talk about that?LS Cream Liqueur is a new age “cremas.” My Zoes and West Indian folks know Cremas. LS Cream Liqueur has won several awards and continues to receive great reviews while climbing up the success ladder of liqueurs. Earning its seat at the table with the rest of the major wines and spirits. Stevens Charles is the creator and owner of the brand and he is a big fan and supporter of my work. I am thankful to have them in my corner and as my official sponsor. You can catch me with a bottle in almost all of my videos and all over social media. It’s not just a drink it’s a Lifestyle. Go and get a bottle now and experience the LS life!

Talk about Dynasty Management Group

Dynasty Management Group consists of my managers Gavin Findlay and Claude Phanor. We’ve grown to be a family. They aren’t just my managers, they are my brothers. They look out for my best interest as I do theirs. They started at the bottom with me, ground zero, when we didn’t have anything, for that I am forever grateful. I couldn’t ask for a better team.

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