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Published on August 4th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Bahja Rodriguez ‘Necessary’ (premiere)

Bahja Rodriguez (Photo: Label submitted)

Bahja is living the next chapter in growth…as a solo artist; becoming self-aware takes one through some changes and you have to make a decision ‘be me’ or try to fit a mold. Bahja chose the former rather than the latter. Her solo offerings to this date like the acclaimed “LUV” EP where more themed and controlled though she got things off her chest, which allowed her to breathe and re-focus.

Listen here to our March conversation with the singer discussing her solo breakout and what the “LUV” EP meant for her.

Bahja newest single “Necessary” from her upcoming full-length project on the Street Sxholar imprint, is a showcase of her growing awareness of the world around her and man she delivers like nobody’s business!

Necessary is clear and concise as statements should be, very efficient in its delivery. Bahja put a bit of extra lung in this joint, with a timbre that bespeaks of a new depth for her sonics which will deliver some ‘forever songs’ soon.

The Hype Magazine got Bahja to weigh in on a few things especially her excitement about her growth and standing her ground…

From your last EP “Luv” to now with your new single “Necessary,” what’s happened since last we spoke that finally pulled this single out of you?!

I think that I finally just became super comfortable with myself and I really just wanted to do a song that would make me have a good time.

Bahja Rodriquez (Photo: Label submitted)

Now signed to Street Sxholar, do you feel your upcoming full-length project will highlight your new confidence as a solo act?

Absolutely, I think “Luv” was me getting off the last things I wanted to say about what love was for me at that time. I believe my newest project will give ppl a feel for who I am outside of love and heartbreak.

“Necessary” shows a bit of extra lung! What was on your heart when you recorded this joint?

I really just wanted to be lit honestly. It wasn’t much thought out into it. I just told Swag like “yo, I wanna do a song about grinding” and that’s what he gave me.

Being a growing solo artist, with a new label and team, how much does this new path mean to you and what new strengths has the team made you aware of that you perhaps didn’t see in yourself earlier on?

I think this new path is dope. Everybody on my team is pretty lowkey but they get things done. We’re just starting out so I’m about to see just how hard of a push this is going to be. They are amazing people though.

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment thus far in your career?

Honestly, it’s was probably a session I had with a producer. He super emotional because I didn’t like the record and pretty much ended the whole session for that reason, instead of pulling something else up.

Bahja Rodriquez (Photo: Label submitted)

Website: http://www.bahjarodriguez.co

Twitter: @bahjarodriguez

IG: @bahjarodriguez

“Necessary” – available now!










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