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Published on August 28th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Bruno Mars an old Soul keeps the party going!

What does one say about an artist who’s garnered over 100 international awards including four GRAMMYs? It has to be something greater than musical genius, creator of forever music, etc., etc., actually I’m not sure any language anywhere has the right combination of words to encompass the powerhouse that is Bruno Mars. We’ll keep it simple and just say he’s the *ish, everybody understands that.

My daughter at nine who likes nothing but that thing, can sing a mini-catalogue of Bruno Mars joints and I catch myself rocking right along with her…under my breath. I’d have to say the biggest compliment in my house and many others, is to have a youngster love the same music along with their parents…Metaphor for reconnecting with the Homeland generation before tech kills personal communication altogether.

From the opening strains of his smash hit Just the Way You are which earned Mars a Best Male Pop Vocal Performance win at the 2011 GRAMMY Awards, his first,  you knew there’s more to this cat, there’s an understanding that music is the key for opening the treasures of the human heart…feel me?

What’s the big draw to Bruno Mars? I guess it doesn’t hurt that he’s got a classically adventurous style that encompasses Sammy Davis, James Dean, Richie Valens (the Lou Diamond Phillips version, and that Chuck Berry Smile, according to my discerning female friends. It’s also his ability to share a real part of himself with the world and show a few Kodack moments from his life; did I already say his music is dope?

Always engaging, Mars isn’t above having a bit of fun for social media; recently during his tour stop in Indianapolis, IN, showed the insane schedule isn’t depleting his energy as he danced in the parking lot of a late night Waffle House after his Versace on the Floor, produced by Mars, video release party in the city

Music Video Release Party! #VersaceOnTheFloor

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Mars is currently running the globe on his 24K Magic World Tour which has dates out to the end of March 2018 thus far, now finishing up in Perth Australia. Check out his full tour schedule here.

Beyond the music, Mars is living up to that adage that “To whom much is given, much is required.” During his August 12 show in Michigan, he surprised the audience with his announcement that $1 Million from his show that night would be donated to aid victims of the Flint water crises.

Mars stopped his show momentarily to make the announcement:

Bruno Mars - 24K MAGIC TOUR (Photo: Warner Music)

Bruno Mars – 24K MAGIC TOUR (Photo: Warner Music)

“I’m very thankful to the Michigan audience for joining me in supporting this cause,” Mars said in a statement. “Ongoing challenges remain years later for Flint residents, and it’s important that we don’t forget our brothers and sisters affected by this disaster. As people, especially as Americans, we need to stand together to make sure something like this never happens in any community ever again.”

Mars and tour promoter Live Nation redirected funds from the Detroit show to The Community Foundation of Greater Flint. The Community Foundation of Greater Flint is an organization currently addressing the myriad of issues brought on by this disaster in one of America’s greatest cities, Flint. Beyond water, there is a big need to help all those affected, especially children, who will need assistance for the rest of their lives to help remediate the effects of the exposure to lead. The Flint community will be dealing with the effects of the water crisis every day for years to come.

Mars is simply the complete package as an entertainer, producer and humanitarian, that’s old soul for you. Keeping the party alive and staying in tune with the world around you could drain some but then, legends are built from the stuff he’s displaying. Let’s review, over 100 international awards, including more than a few GRAMMYs, global tours, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame AND he’s paying attention to the plight common Joe in a meaningful manner. Once again, old Soul…

Fan moment over, lets party!

Stay up with all things Bruno Mars:

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