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Five Questions With 2 Crucial:

Westside Atlanta‘s JR and Chez aka 2 Crucial is a high energy duo who’ve worked with The Rap Game Exec Producer Jermaine Dupri and more recently, did a collab with The Rap Game season 1 winner Miss Mulatto entitled “Cash Walk.” Hard work and dedication has brought the unique duo to the attention of industry leaders like Future and Swae Lee (Rae Sremmurd) who’ve both co-signed the crew. If you want to know what the voice of the youth sounds like, add 2 Crucial to your playlist…they’ve got something for everybody. In 2016, 2 Crucial dropped the single “I Set Trends” produced by Jermaine Durpi and Bryan Michael Cox, an anthem celebrating originality, which set the internet alight and earned over 870k views to date.

The Hype Magazine got a quick bit of time from JR and Chez as their schedule gets more crowded and their loyal fan base demands more time from the pair.

As you see yourself, who is 2 Crucial?

“2 Crucial is two young, lit entertainers from Atlanta going crazy. Two brothers getting lit in the A”

Tell us about your current project?

JR: “Set Trends 2 is out, and going crazy right now. Everywhere from iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, all that. It’s lit.”

Chez: “It’s lit, however you’re feeling, whatever mood you’re in, it’s on there. However you’re feeling, you just go vibe to the songs.

What’s on your bucket list to accomplish as an entertainer?

Chez: “I want to inspire folks, you know? Become better people, I want to inspire people to reach their goals and succeed.”

JR: “And showing them that you can take things to the next level, that you can really make a dream come true”

Will you be finishing out 2017 on the road or what’s on your horizon for 2018?

JR: “2017, on the road, dropping new videos and dope visuals. In 2018, a new take.”

Chez: “Might be before 2018! (laughs)

JR: “But, no doubt, you’ll be hearing from us in 2018.”

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career?

JR: “At one of our shows, the fans be going crazy! One time, they had a line to where the fans be at, and all of the fans just ran up and just piled over. They tackled my brother, I actually ran away! I got away, but that was one of the craziest things that had us like, “WTF!” (laughs)

Stay Tuned for “Out The Gym” Coming SOON!

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