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Published on August 21st, 2017 | by April Turner


Live Session: Interview with World Renowned Jazz Vocalist – Jazzmeia Horn

Why Wait? Educate Now! Radio Show special guest: World Renowned  Jazz Vocalist – Jazzmeia Horn
WWEN Radio 92.4
Why Wait? Educate Now! Radio Show hosted by Capital A, D.H. DaHitwryter & DJ Gneous

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Jazz lovers, this show is for you! Welcome to WWEN RADIO 92.4! Home of the “Why Wait? Educate Now!” Radio show with hosts; Capital A, D.H. DaHitwryter & DJ GNEOUS! On this broadcast of WWEN RADIO we interview the brilliant and powerful Jazz legend in the making, Jazzmeia Horn. Jazzmeia is a native of Dallas, Texas and got her start singing in church at a young age. She comes from a family full of song. Get to know her musical roots, as she opens up about her family life, and who influences her. She recently won the 2015 Thelonius Monk Institute International Jazz Competition, has traveled all over the world and performs with her band, Artistry of Jazz Horn. Ms. Horn comes from a background full of amazing musicians. Jazzmeia also touches on the history of Jazz and why it means so much to her. With her range, she could become a star in any genre, but her life is dedicated to Jazz. Jazzmeia even gives back to the community and works with the youth. She discusses working with kids in New Jersey to teach them Jazz and passing on what she knows to the next generation.

Like any other business, the business side of Jazz can be challenging, especially as a woman. Find out what challenges Jazzmeia has faced throughout her career, and how she overcame them. Moving from Texas to NY can be a huge transition too! She also touches on life in the Big Apple, aka New York City. Jazzmeia gets deep about her appreciation for genuine sisterhood in what can be a very competitive industry. We also get to learn more about her new album, “A Social Call.” Get to know what inspired Jazzmeia to create this project! She gets deep on this masterpiece, discussing social issues “in our communities and in our societies,” as she put it. Also on this show, checkout Capital A’s “That’s Dope” segment, in which she shines light on something she finds dope and educational. Find out about upcoming events, performance opportunities and how to get your music heard. Groove with our favorite DJ, DJ Gneous, and get some motivation in your life from D.H. DaHitwryter. The happy ending is the Indie Artist Spotlight. Checkout new music, or something familiar. Every week we introduce music industry professionals as special guests, providing music business tips and education in various music industry fields. We also play artists you won’t find on commercial radio giving opportunities for millions of people. Find out how to get your business or events advertised on WWEN RADIO 92.4. And don’t forget to share our show with your family and friends.


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World Renowned
Jazz Vocalist – Jazzmeia Horn


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