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Liz Asaro and her new single ‘1000 Years’

Liz Asaro is an alternative rock musician from New York with an eclectic mix. Her music is a blend of rock, blues, electronic and modern pop. With an incredible group of musicians backing her, Liz is on fire, coming together on her debut album with the likes of Gerry Leonard (guitar), Tommy Kessler (guitar), Tim Lefebvre (bass), Sterling Campbell (drums), and Tom Mandel(keys).

Her single “1000 years” was released this past June and is reminiscent of classic folk, revealing a posthumous presentation in an existential light. Liz is a powerful singer and song writer that is passionate about developing her music in new and innovative ways by incorporating electronic undertones. She sings about deep and thought-provoking aspects of life while keeping a warm and positive flow to her charming music.

Liz tell me about you and how you got started with this project.

I am a singer/song writer who loves rock and electronic sounds alike and I am trying to come up with a sound that incorporates real instruments with current vibes. I started writing music a few years ago, and have met some amazing people in my journey. They have supported me, played with me, recorded with me, and taught me so much. I have come from playing in a beginner rock band class, to playing with the likes of Gerry Leonard, Sterling Campbell and Tim Lefebvre, all of whom played with David Bowie. Things have taken great shape along the way!

Your music is described as alternative rock/pop rock and yet I hear a heavy folk influence. What can you tell me about that? 

Well, I like to write about concepts that I think people should ponder. Maybe that’s where the folk part comes in? The stories in the songs, and the way in which they a sung, they are meant to make you think a little. I have songs about overcoming addiction, about humans doing the best they can for the betterment of human kind, about reaching a low point and coming back, about giving up on love and finally letting it back in and about letting go of overthinking stuff. But I love catchy songs that dig in instrumentally, so that you can feel their emotions, so that’s where the rock is going to come in. You got to feel it from both a musical and subjective perspective.

Being that your background is inspired from eclectic influences, who would you say has impacted you the most?    

The gritty sounds of 90’s rock will always be with me in my writing. Artists like Chris Cornell, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots. But unique voices have always resonated with me, so people like Tori Amos, Alannis Morisette and Debbie Harry. I love how their voices are distinct and float on top of the music. And then of course the unique, bold and fearless, David Bowie, Prince and Freddie Mercury. The list goes on!

What can you tell me about your new single “1000 Years?” 

I think a lot about why we are here and what happened on the earth before us. I notice technology progressing at rapid pace, but human nature is progressing much slower. The song asks the listener if they are doing anything much differently than if they had lived 1000 years ago or 100 years ago. Given all the work that has been done before us to get to where we are; are we using that knowledge for the betterment of our lives here? The song has a mix of atmospheric guitar (Gerry Leonard), rock guitar (Tommy Kessler) and a little electronic ambiance, with ethereal vocals on top.

What’s next for you? 

Working hard on the EP for a fall release. I have several songs finished already and I’ve been writing in London with people who have written with anyone from Rihanna, to Paul McCartney to The 1975. We are booking a radio tour in the UK, and starting to book fall dates in the US and the UK!

Where can we go for more information?

Links to my shows, all social media, photos, and other news can be found at



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