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Meet new Capitol Music Group signee Jun Cai

Coming basically from nowhere, Jun Cai whose latest project, a visual EP entitled “No Accidents” brought him to the attention of Capitol Records and a deal which he shared with fans earlier this month. A man of few words check out his simple posts on Instagram:


In his high energy video “Bad” we find out Jun Cai is the full package…he can dance too a la Usher, Chris Brown styled precise hits…dancers know what I’m talking about. Check out the vid and see for yourself:

We got Jun Cai to weigh in on a few things…like I said, he’s a man of few words but from the bits of earlier music we know he’s exciting when it counts…on wax and video.

From the outside looking in, who are you?

I am a renaissance man, well versed in using both sides of my intellect.   I am the guy that identifies a need to fill a void, google/youtube the topic to death and spend the next 6 month learning and perfecting a new skill-set.

What brought you to the industry, music specifically?

Artistically, it’s got to be Michael Jackson.  I also love what Bruno is doing in today’s music and admires his talents as an entertainer and creator.  Music business wise I am influenced by Diddy and Jay-Z.

What do you want people to get from you?

Good or Bad, I want to be known as the artist that did it his way; that had creative control and ownership of the output of his own products.

Tell us about what you want people to get from your music.

Musically I want to emotionally connect with my audience.  I want my audience to kinesthetically feel and relate to the particular emotions that I feel when I am doing the record.

What song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you?

All of the music that I work on is authentically me.  So I would feel comfortable with any of my songs picked as a representative of who I am.  I am currently working on some new music that I am a little more biased towards, so I would say Stay Tuned in.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions outside of the Music.

I own a bunch of successful businesses outside of my Music business.  I own a real estate company, a real estate investment portfolio, a trading portfolio which I swing trade in, a car dealership, a charitable organization, and a financial advising business.  I just started a home health care business, opened up a new recording studio and am working on opening up my own gym.  For the past 2 years I have also been training Mixed Martial Arts with American Top Team.


Last but not least, Hype wants to know … what’s your craziest “where they do that at” moment …

I visited China several years ago, and went to this upscale Karaoke bar that turned into a scene from “Rush Hour” when Jackie and Chris went to that spa in Hong Kong.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The hostess that greeted us was a Chinese lady named “CoCo”.  Oh and the Wal-Mart’s in China sell freshly skinned alligators on blocks of ice.

IG: officialjuncai

Twitter: @juncaimusic




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