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Published on August 10th, 2017 | by David Morales


The Fantanas are back with more than one flavor

You all remember the “Wanta Fanta” jingle that made us want to drink that acclaimed soda pop Fanta. Now with the help of producer Mike Will Made – It, the Fantanas are back with a new and improved message. Together they represent what it means to be “More Than One Flavor” through each of their own talents and individualism. They express their passions in their own unique way brining their own flavor to the world and to The Hype magazine as four of Hollywood’s freshest young talents. Presenting YouTube star Eva Gutowski, Lauren Riihimaki, Jordan Fisher and Coco Jones, as the Fantanas who encourage their fans to come as their own personal flavor. But what does that mean? It means be yourself and love yourself no matter what and they tell The Hype magazine what it truly means to be a part of the brand.

You are the new faces of the Fantanas. How does it feel to represent such an iconic group?

It’s awesome man! The brand itself is iconic and it has reached all the way around the world. We were just in Africa, and Fanata is all over the place. We were all just in Mexico together and in Europe. I mean like you see fans all over the place, and being able to represent the brand in such a powerful way, especially — you know the way that it’s been revitalized. It’s so unique in that you know we are encouraging people to try new things, be more than one flavor is the mission. That’s something that we have all done that has put us in these chairs right now and talking to you. So, we are all honored and super excited!

Tell us what it means to all of you to “Be More Than One Flavor.”

So being more than one flavor means a few different things, the first is just embracing who you are as a person. So not worrying about what other people are doing or comparing yourself to others. There really is embracing your individuality and focusing on what makes you unique. Not being afraid to take risks, trying new things and just celebrating life, improving yourself and having fun and just focusing on your personality.

How has embracing your own unique talents changed your lives?

I think it’s changed our lives in a lot of positive ways and honestly taken us to where we are right now, sitting in these chairs talking to you. I know it’s so easy to focus on what other people say is success or what other people say you should be doing, but really owning what inspires you and letting that drive you and the things that you want to say the desires of your heart. Focusing to make those realities, that’s what really pushes you and makes you successful in my opinion, and I think that’s what has gotten me to this place and I’ve gotten more confident in every aspect of my life. Me personally in my career with my music and everything.

 Jordan, what does it mean to be the first male Fantana?

It’s awesome to be a part of the brand for a handful of reasons. Again, the mission of being more than one flavor is something that rings true to all of us. Success to me is going to bed every night, looking forward to the next day and doing all the things that I’m doing the next day and for me, that’s all the flavors. That’s writing, it’s developing and producing. That acting, that is music, that is Broadway. That’s all of the things! So, to be able to cover all of those mediums and represent the brand as best as I possibly can while also representing all of the other guys across the world that drinks Fanta, you know I’m not the only one that does, so it’s cool to be able to do that!

What advice would you give to someone looking for the confidence to express themselves and embrace the things that make them unique?

I would say to just not be afraid to try new things and get yourself out there. Put things on a list and knock them off that you’ve never tried before, whether it’s like cooking or playing soccer, even small things like just honestly make a list and then knock them off. It becomes so much easier when you just make lists and like pick one thing each day to try out that’s new you’ve never done before. I know what I love doing in my life! It’s made my life so much fuller and I’m just really excited for people to hear this campaign and really get behind it and see what everyone else is going to try along with drinking different flavors of Fanta.

How can viewers get involved in the “Be More than One Flavor” campaign?

So, the campaign has a campaign hashtag which is #morethanoneflavor and Fanta has all their social channels so Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and then we also all individually have our own social medias. You can see how we individually put a spin on being more than one flavor.



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