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Published on August 16th, 2017 | by 00T456578754920


Wu Wear Brand debuts in yearly Las Vegas Agenda Show

Robert Diggs better known as Bobby Digital or RZA of Wu-Tang Clan teams with Oliver Grant also known as Power to bring back the hip hop classic brand Wu Wear.  A recent deal was made with Live Nation Merchandise to revive the 1995 established brand.  Despite being discontinued in 2008, piracy in the fashion industry has prompted the Wu-Tang Clan members to reintroduce the iconic brand.  As one of the first rapper produced brands, Wu Wear is slotted to release around the 25th Anniversary of the legendary Enter the 36 Chambers LP. The revamped brand debuted at the Agenda show in Las Vegas this week.  The Agenda Show is the leading expose for men’s urban contemporary fashion or streetwear.  The expo specializes in incorporating various independent brands and trends yearly,  At the core of the Agenda Show, independent designers attempt to level the playing field with multiple urban pop-up shops.  The Las Vegas show has been in existence since 2003, and streetwear enthusiast have marveled at the best new brands in the fashion world.

Wu Wear has merged its foundation or original team with a group of new young designers.  German designers Donaldson Sackey and Saney Sidibeh introduced the Renaissance Collection in early June.  The brand will include Wu-Tang’s Wu Symbol paired with 90’s and musical influence.  Wu Wear will hit retailers in October of 2018.  The second installment will appear in Spring of 2018.  Wu-Tang clan is the most prominent group in hip hop history, RZA avows to become a staple, once again, in urban streetwear.

In a recent Billboard.com interview RZA was quoted as saying, “Now that we have come to what we cal a legacy point in time, we say, it’s time to give it to the world and give it to them right.” For more on the brand and releases visit http://www.wuwear.com



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