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Five Questions with Ironik the UK’s international Grime Music ambassador

Backstory – Ironik shot to fame as a 19 year old, initially as a DJ and producer, where he worked closely with the likes of UK stars Tinie Tempah and Chip, and then he made his debut as an artist releasing the video for ‘So Nice’ on seminal music station Channel U. The video spelled the start of something big for Ironik and whilst being taken under the wing of the grime scene, his music often portrayed a softer edge to other acts tinged with R&B, Hip-Hop and UK Garage, something which clearly resonated well with music lovers and those discovering Ironik as his second release, ‘Stay With Me’ landed him a number 5 official chart position. From there on in his successes grew resulting in a further top 5 single, one top 10 single, a top 10 album, and over a million record sales.

His current banger ‘Tuff’ Ft. Snoop Dogg, is exactly what it says on the tin. With a big reverberating bassline rumbling through the depths of this fresh joint, the pair drop the record as the first record from Ironik‘s forthcoming album ‘Truth be Told’, which dropped on the 22nd of September alongside a live launch show at The Bull Theatre in Barnet, North London.

The Hype Magazine got the UK Grime specialist to weigh in on a few things from across the pond!

Tell us about your current project!

My new album ‘Truth Be Told’ is a body of work I’ve been working on in the last 2 years after having a few years off and sitting back, studying the game and finding my place again with this new energy. I feel it’s got something for everyone, but also a side of me a lot of people will be shocked to hear, more fresh, confident and playful. I felt like a lot of my songs in the past were very ‘serious’ so I thought it was time to have a bit of fun, although there is some serious story telling songs on the album too.

Do you feel your current project is the best introduction to you as an artist?

Most definitely, you can hear growth as an artist. Also being free on this album I really got to say what I wanted and felt, hence why it’s called ‘Truth Be Told’. As I’m getting older I’m experimenting more so I think it really makes my music stand out more on this album.

Grime is making large strides in the States, how do you feel being on the leading edge of that with your new joint with the living legend Snoop Dogg?

I think it’s amazing where artists like Skepta and Stormzy have taken our music in the past few years, it’s been great to see. I also think it’s great when we collaborate with artists outside of our genre or even country so getting Snoop the legend, the icon for me is most definitely a career highlight right now.

What’s on your horizon for 2017? 

Well for the rest of the year for me it’s just about getting the awareness the new album needs, getting people’s attention to let them know I’m back! So I’ll be putting out more videos, touring a bit and then getting ready for even more of that in 2018!

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career?

One of the craziest moments in my career so far has to be when I first came out and I would walk down the street and people would recognise me or at my shows, girls crying, at first I couldn’t understand it because I was just coming from recording music in my bedroom but you gotta love the fans!

Get VERY familiar it’s another music invasion


Twitter: @DJIronik

Bonus – Check out the audio of Ironik live on BBC 1xtra chatting to Mista Jam & revealing the new single ‘TUFF’ featuring the legendary Snoop Dogg which Mista Jam made his #JamHot record.





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