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Published on September 1st, 2017 | by Jason Bourne


Rhyme Report: Bates “Strange Woman”

I recently got the chance to ride through the new Strange Woman album by St Louis femcee Bates.  Thoroughly impressed, I found the cohesion of sound to be unique in today’s market where so much microwaveable music gets passed off for instant gratification. What is relevant in this case is the meticulous approach in which Bates has taken to present a body of work that personifies her individuality. Organically titled, Bates takes her truth and presents it to the public, touching on a number of topics that are readily evident in the world today; both gifts and curses.  A strong follow up to her For Colored Folk 2016 release, Strange Woman, has the potential to be talked about well into the new year as Bates continues to deliver on her healthy touring and media schedule.
“With this project my goal was to draw the listeners in and force them to look in the mirror and accept the stranger in all of us.”
– Bates
With production from TRUE On The TRACGroundbreaking Beatz and Muzicboy, the project features standout tracks such as Suge Knight, The Da-Da Song and Letter to A Little Girl.
“Strange Woman is testmant to the struggle of women everywhere and serves as a reminder that the only thing better than being normal is being strange.”
– Jasmine Osby, Elite Branding and Media 
Strange Woman is available via Spotify. Click below to watch the visual for the album’s title track.

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