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Summer Williams fills musical void with new single and EP

Summer Williams is no newcomer to music. Born to a master of the keys and a vocalist, Williams began belting out harmonies at the age of 4. The Connecticut native also wears the hats of an accomplished pianist, drummer, and songwriter. Williams decided to take her artistry seriously after she constantly found herself searching for the music she loved on the airwaves. A couple of mixtapes and six years later, Williams is currently basking in the success of her newly released single “97” and is slated to release her first full project “Hello Again” later this year.

In your own words, describe your sound.

I call it sultry. It makes you feel good. It has the elements of soul and jazz and R&B [and] gospel that I grew up listening to. I put it over hip hop or boom bap sounding beats so it gives it more [of an] edge but definitely sexy.

You studied music management at Manhattanville College. What led to your decision to be an artist and not behind the scenes?

It’s just always been a dream I’ve had. I never considered myself a behind the scenes [person]. I just wanted to know about the industry and keep my parents off my back a little bit, you know. Singing is not necessarily as promising as a music management career so I just did that to keep them off of my back and also to learn about the industry. I started really pursuing it when I realized there was no music that I liked to listen to. The 90s, the neo-soul, the jazz, nobody was really doing it. I was finding myself listening to the same song, same artists, again and again, and I thought to myself, I kind of want to hear something new, so I wanted to create it.

What kind of feedback have you received on “97”?

“97” has been a hit for [those] that have actually heard it. Right now the climate of music is kind of moving back in a positive direction, the 90s feel. Everyone is sampling feel good songs that make us remember a time when things weren’t so crazy. The climate is perfect for me to drop this kind of stuff, the boom bap records, even though I’ve been doing them for so long. I think now people are more receptive to it.

What’s next after “97”?

It’s a full EP. It’s actually finished for the most part. We’re giving people a little sneak peek here and there but it’s a full EP. We’re working on that date but we’re still going to let “97” play out a little bit longer and maybe give another peak before we release the whole project because [there are] so many different aspects of my music. The first song we released was called “Again” and it was a slow ballad and soulful. “97” is more like hip-hop/boom bap and another song may have more of a reggae feel on it.

What’s on your bucket list to accomplish as an entertainer?

Me and Lauryn Hill, we got to get in the studio. I gotta write a record for her, do it with her, something! [Working with any of] the artists I grew up listening to would be a milestone for me. 

Williams’ full EP, “Hello Again”, will be released later this year.

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