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Published on October 9th, 2017 | by 00T456578754920


Chicago’s G Herbo Emerges as a Genuine Humble Beast

At the age of 21, G Herbo navigates the dark streets of Chicago in his debut studio album Humble Beast.  Humble Beast is a large accomplishment for the street-raised rapper.  G Herbo sold almost 200, 00o in his first week.  Herbo cunningly speaks about gun violence in Chicago on track, “Red Snow.” He hails from the crime riddled neighborhood dubbed “Terror Town” on the East side of Chiraq.  King Louis nicknamed Chicago  Chiraq in 2009 after becoming the murder capitol in recent years.  An article misquoted the statistic that Chicago murders had trumped soldier deaths in Afghanistan.  This statement was deemed false.  Yet the terminology stuck.  47 percent of black male youth in Chicago are unemployed and removed from education in the city.  The violence and bravado of drill rap often manifests in the streets.  The finer things pair with extended clips is nothing new,  artist like Twista and LEP Bogus Boys distributed prophetic rhymes in a blend of gangster tales to match their crisp bars.  Most prefer to stay in a lane with Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Common Sense or now artist like G Herbo a new voice of  lyrical incite into the everyday struggles.

G-Herbo is cut from a different cloth as Herbo emerges as a militant voice for the youth.  His dexterity and rugged course delivery cover course ground through in-house drill production.  Herbo has risen as a star since his first lyrical conception.  He mixes the popularity of trap or drill music with concise lyricism.  Humble is defined as low political, or social rank or modest in one’s own importance.  Beast dignifies an animal as opposed to a human or the concept of going hard on turf circa Beastmode.   This album is a memoir of life in the most dangerous city in America.  As a gifted deviant  G-Herbo sheds light on the downfalls of urban culture.  The humility of being mildly aware of the magnitude of his talent, clearly pushes Herbo to a different level.  The albums story-telling bars show growth.  Obviously the sky is the limit for G-Herbo.

The concept of the streets funding your life’s truths on wax provide vision to otherwise demoralized youth.  Rappers like Herbo come from the depths of the Chicago underground to inspire the world.  Despite neighborhood beefs and tragic loses of numerous close friends, Herbo teamed with Lil Bibby and made a name for himself through the mix-tape circuit.  His last tape Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe sparked large industry support, Welcome to FazoLand, and the Pistol P Project are a raw lecture in gangland survival.  The birth of these consequences live and die with gangsters like Al Capone.  Chicago gun violence is an over glorified tragedy.  Aside from being embedded in the city’s history.  The redistribution of urban neighborhoods during the housing crisis, redefined what it is to be a Chicagoan and a rap artist.  Politics change daily, police brutality and increasing domestic terror plague all of America, for the Black and Latin community it is politics as usual.  G Herbo represents a disciple of the streets, and the future of rap.

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