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Legendary Artist Pink Mirrors Rock Idols in New Glam Punk Album

She has eclipsed Madonna as an icon.  As of late Pink, sits in elite company, as a female visionary. 

Pink @Pink releases seventh studio album The Beautiful Trauma and anticipated single “Revenge” featuring Eminem.  The Beautiful Trauma has crushed every female album release in 2017.  Pink was awarded the MTV Vanguard Award for legendary artist.  Since debuting in 2000 with and r&b classy feel, Pink has entered Pop Rock and garnered great success.  The 2009 Billboard Pop Artist of the decade.  From the beginning Pink has rejected mainstream bubblegum pop for a more hard-edged riot girl image.  The candid portrayal of these rock hymns, arrive in correlation with the Pistol’s Punk scene in which women like, Joan Jett or Four Non Blondes approached the stage on equal terms.  Pink’s soulful vibrant and raspy delivery have fueled twisted yet, beautiful story-line.

Raised in the Philadelphia area, Pink drew inspiration from Madonna, Linda Perry and Janis Joplin.  She formed her first band in high-school.  Paralleling soulful singer Janis Joplin, who’s gutsy blue persona was discovered by Clive Davis, of then Columbia records.  Pink’s recordings are representative of Legacy Records, a subsidiary archive which includes Columbia, J Records, LaFace, and Arista among others labels.  However, in 1970 Joplin died of a Heroin overdose, before her band’s studio album was released.  Pink dominates as the legacy of “Little Girl Blue,” even appearing in the documentary of 2015, Toronto’s Film Festival fame.  In 1995 Janis Joplin was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Pink’s virulent harmonies have merged her into a category of her own.  She gracefully carries the torch, despite a hiatus from RCA Records.

In 2012 The Truth About Love , curved criticism.  Pink is an innovator like Blondie or Debbie Harry whom risked merging the genres of rock, pop, and hip hop in the early eighties.  The venom, or bitterness of Pink’s lyrics are beyond measure, for those who shun definition.  She defies all odds, as a vibrant artist.  The Beautiful Trauma World Tour, begins in Phoenix, Arizona and after 65 shows globally, she concludes the concert series in New Zealand.  The original skate punk chic, has glamorized over her tenure in music, thus the punk glam.  The rebellious burdens of the tone of voice and popular tempos, are anti-establishment.  Society dictates who can have soul.  Pink redefines these ideologies, from the executive producer to the street punk.  The intimate project provides femininity and grace, with a brazen voice to back it up.



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