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Published on October 15th, 2017 | by David Morales


Remodeling your bathroom with HGTV and Home Depot

The fastest way to change and make a big impact in your home is by remodeling your bathroom. If your tight on time, check out our satellite presentation. We share some easy tips to transform your bathroom. From the latest colors to simple projects the will increase the value of your home. Learn what projects you can do yourself or what you might what to leave for a pro. That is why The Hype magazine joins HGTV’s remodeler and designer Laurie March to discuss some these tips on making your bathroom remodel beautiful.

Laurie, what is the first thing homeowners should consider when updating their bathrooms?

One of the first things that homeowners should think about when they update their bathroom space is definitely functional design. It’s easy to get distracted by all the pretty stuff, but if you get it right with the functionality in your space, it serves everybody so much better in the morning when you’re getting ready. I love this Martha Stewart vanity that they’ve got at Home Depot. What’s cool about it is you can actually customize your drawers in advance. So, it’s coming to you and getting installed with all the things that already work for you. Also, this piece is great too, because it’s all in one unit so you’re getting the cabinet, you’re getting the countertop, you’re getting the sink and sometimes even the knobs come with it which means it’s so much less stress for that installation.

Another quick update that you could do is your mirror. You don’t really think about the mirror that much but the mirror is a great spot to do an update. I always end up being the second person in the bathroom in the morning, my husband’s an early riser, so I’m always at the mirror sort of trying to defog that thing. This home decorators’ collection mirror is anti-fog technology just built right in which means you spend a lot less time cleaning off the mirror and you might think that this mirror requires some electrical or some plumbing to install something that cool, but not this one, you can just hang it right on the wall.

We’re always looking for ways to streamline our lives. Are there any new innovations homeowners can incorporate into the bathroom to help?

So, when you’re tight on time, one of the simplest things you can do is change out the paint. Now this seems like an easy project and it can be but you got to get those materials right. Start with good materials and good paint. Home Depot partnered with their marquee line. Now what’s great about this paint is its single coat coverage. Nobody wants that bathroom remodel to take any longer than it needs to, so single coat coverage means that you’re in there, you’re painting less time. Get it done right the first time and your colors look rich and luxurious. Also, people are always asking me what color should we update the bathroom? So, I think any kind. The tans the topes the grays, these are all colors that are flattering and they help just make the bathroom look good whether you’re using it yourself or you’re thinking about resale.

What are some other tips that you can share with us?

Some quick updates you could do in your bathroom, one of my favorites is a spa showerhead like this one from Delta. It’s called hydro rain and it has a little bit of tech in it. Everybody’s kind of hot for tech lately and the function that I love about this piece is when you’re in the shower it’s got a pause. So, you’re lathered up you want to sort of stop the water for a second so you can shave. You can just hit pause and it’s going to keep all your temperature settings the same so that you don’t get that super shock of that cold water that hot water coming back on when you turn it all off and turn it back on. This is great for anybody who’s thinking about the environment a little bit or trying to manage a water bill. Water is kind of a big problem in the bathroom. All those little splashy spots you get all over the faucet. Delta also has a faucet that has spot shield technology built into it which means you spend a lot less time cleaning off the faucet and it’s antimicrobial too some cool protection built into it that makes it a lot easier so the grimiest room in the house, has a little bit less germs.

Is there a way we can make our bathrooms appear larger than they are?

In addition to just lighter paint colors, one of the quickest ways you can make your bathroom seem bigger is by putting the right size tile in the space. Small bathrooms. small tile is okay, but if you want it to feel bigger you can use a larger format tile. There’s lots of cool things that are happening in tile lately, but one classic that never seems to disappear is the subway

tile. Whether you do it in a crisp white or in a cool blue like this one with kind of a gloss, subway tile is where it’s at. It can even help you sell your house at a buyer are looking for that phrase, subway-tile but in addition to that there’s some other cool shapes that are out there that are really popular and they’re kind of historical throwbacks to like a hexagonal tile. This is something that’s always been interesting throughout history. It’s in nature, it’s really hot, now as a trend but I don’t see it going anywhere because it’s a natural shape and it’s got a lot of historical context which is really helpful.

What if we don’t want to tackle a DIY project right now, we can still find folks to help us, right?

It’s okay not to want to DIY. I know it’s everywhere in culture right now. People are doing it themselves but if you’re really busy or it’s super intimidating, you don’t have to do it yourself. Pop into Home Depot and speak to the experts there from just updating a shower liner to an entire bathroom remodel. They’ve got pros who can take care of it for you which means in a matter of days, your bathroom remodel might be done. But if you’re just kicking the tires trying to figure it all out, head to or pop into the store to talk to a local pro.


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