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Published on October 19th, 2017 | by 00T456578754920


Wu-Tang Surfaces for New LP The Saga Continues

Wu-tang flexes it’s Shaolin-style in new hip hop classic album, The Saga Continues.  Wu-tang debuted in 1993 with the legendary Enter the 36 Chambers. 

The conscious science of Wu-tang clan enters a new era.  The ground-breaking Staten island and Brooklyn, rap collective leaned to RZA protege, Mathematics to produce the new project.  Wu-tang supplements soul samples, eastern promises, criminology, and disciplined warrior insertions with Supreme knowledge.   Members include RZA aka Bobby Digital , GZA aka The Genius, U-God aka Golden Arms, Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck, Method Man aka Johnny Blaze, Raekwon aka The Chef, Ghostface Killah aka Ghost Dieni, Masta Killa, and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard alias Dirt Dog.

The prophecy of Wu-tang Clan fueled an East Coast renaissance in the 90’s.  As the first to expand into ventures such as clothing, and extending it’s musical empire with affiliates like Killah Army and Killah Priest.  Wu-tang turned mythological mores into stereo crunching rhymes.  The basis of the Wu-Tang Clan is Taoist and 5% Nation methodology.  The principles of Wu-tang Clan provide a direct science of life aside a gritty concrete jungle background.  Wu-tang is the essence of its birthed hip hop movement.  The foundation of each person’s rap education on the basis of lyrical technique.

Method man arises as the prodigal son, as he surmasses the chaos that eclipsed Wu-Tang’s recent unity issue. The Wu balances its differences to formulate it’s most important album.  The wisdom of Raekwon The Chef peers through intense crime stories.  The lyricism of the Wu is unparalleled, or “Perpendicular to the square.”  The albums samples align a melodic temple within it’s interactive tempos.  Wu-tang formatted their first album with $300 of studio time.  The group is certified as the most Authentic hip hop syndicate of all-time.  After dodging the belly of the beast and increasing beef with groups like Bone Thugs in Harmony and Bad Boy records, despite internal struggles, the Wu has reached a higher power in the industry.  RZA immersed himself in Hollywood producing soundtracks such as Kill Bill directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Wu-tang expedites jewels in their catalogue equivalent to a hip hop Koran, or holy book.  RZA and GZA act as the soul controller of the project, as the Wu shadow boxes emcees with a cull cipher of an elemental lyrical universe.  The sharp Katana blade, or liquid swords of sharp tongued, and strong witted Method Man and Raekwon are spiritually enlightening.  The super-charged delivery of any Wu-tang emcee is unprecedented.  Wu-tang Clan set the standard for hard-hitting rhymes.  The genius of the Wu is the ruckus of the city’s dark underground, aside the hope of bringing light to a new mecca of power- musical influence.  “Positive Energy Activate Constant Elevations.” An acronym for Peace. As the Saga Continues, What’s Next on, the sacred Shaolin journey into, the Wu-Tang Clan?

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