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Published on November 19th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Candy Crush Saga Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

You’d think that a game like Candy Crush would have experienced its meteoric rise due to children but in MY experience, this game caught on because it attracted adults who wanted something simple yet challenging and didn’t involve a bunch of shapes you had to fit into a puzzle. Yeah, I loved the OG Tetris as well but Candy Crush is something special. Replete with all the bells and whistles that are supposed to catch the attention of babies, color, audible rewards, motion, etc., Candy Crush Saga actually connected with nuts like me who spent/spend hours and hours captivated by this amazing game adventure. ANYWAY… Candy Crush is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month in case you wanted to know.

Here’s the official line

Candy Crush Saga, the deliciously colorful game first burst onto our phones five years ago today and has since become a global phenomenon.

The brainchild of Sebastian Knutsson and a small team in Stockholm, the franchise’s inaugural game, Candy Crush Saga, was released on mobile in November 2012 and is played all around the world by millions of people. Games within the Candy Crush franchise have been downloaded almost three billion times worldwide*, and have a social media fan base bigger than Katy Perry’s. Despite being five years old, Candy Crush Saga has retained its popularity and returned to the #1 position on the iOS and Android app stores in the US following a record-breaking third quarter. In addition, King has had two of the top 10 grossing games in the US for four consecutive years.

To mark the fifth anniversary, King is launching some exciting in-game updates and giving players the most powerful booster to date in the form of the birthdaylicious Party Booster. Designed to give that sweet winning feeling, players will receive two free party boosters giving a series of special, never-before-seen effects, tasty treats and more. The party booster is available to players on level 29 and above from 14th November to 23rd November 2017 via iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows.

Candy Crush Saga fans can join in the celebrations on Facebook and Twitter using #ThatSweetFeeling


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