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Published on November 16th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Music Video Premiere: Rozlin ‘Ditto’

LA rapper Rozlin drops the visual for her hit single Ditto which according to the official line, is a fun song that explores the phenomenon of how what you put out into the world inevitably comes back to you. In the song, Rozlin is a shining example of post breakup independence and she proves it with her lyrics set over an electro-funky beat. Her edgy self-directed video is filled with imagery and symbolism so pay close attention!

A new name and face for us, Rozlin nonetheless has an interesting pedigree, here are a few interesting facts to give you a better feel for the rising star.

3 quirky facts about Rozlin:

Trent Reznor‘s (Nine Inch Nails) first cousin

Foster The People‘s hit single “Helena Beat” was inspired by her

– She relocated to LA from Florida to pursue her Hip Hop career

The Hype Magazine got Rozlin to weigh in on a few things as she begins her journey in Hip Hop

Tell us about your current project!

“Ditto” is a song and video about reciprocating what is given to you… If someone is good to you, give them the respect and kindness they deserve. If someone doesn’t respect you or truly care about you, don’t waste your breath, thoughts, time or energy on them… Because they don’t deserve it! DITTO!

Do you feel your current project is the best introduction to you as an artist?

Quite possibly. The concept of “ditto” I hold close to my heart. I wrote the song maybe 4 years ago. I directed the music video, I direct all my videos. I love exploring subjects using logic, metaphors, quirkiness and dark humor. The “Ditto” music video portrays a creepy (foreshadowing) “shadow man” moving along on the walls in many shots. Meanwhile, two beautiful elven maidens lead me to confront this “shadow man”, where I hold up a mirror to him, essentially saying “ditto”. The indoor scenes were shot in my apartment and around my apartment building. The shots in my apartment will give you a good indication of what I am into, and what I believe… if you study them closely. My apartment is more like a museum, curated by me, for me.

What do you most enjoy about the music community as a whole?

I don’t enjoy much about the business side of things. But I really enjoy being part of a network of creative, talented, generally open-minded and interesting people with common interests and pursuits. Artists are a unique breed. I think they generally work well amongst each other, feeding off each other’s creative vibes. There is something so thrilling about coming together with fellow creatives to collaborate and make something amazing.

What’s on your horizon to finish 2017 and make 2018 amazing?

I am trying to wrap up my album by the end of 2017 and drop as many music videos as possible, continuously. After I complete this album I will be focusing on putting out some collaborations with some other rappers and producing/writing an EP. I want to get more into the production side of things, but I will always write and rap!

The Hype Magazine wants to know: What’s been your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?! Or “WTF?!” moment thus far in your career?

My biggest WTF moment thus far has probably been the realization that I’m acually going to take music seriously enough to dedicate my life to it. I never used to believe that finding success in the music industry was a realistic notion. But I love it, and it makes me happy… So I have to pursue it. Even though I wonder WTF I am doing sometimes… I’ve got to stick to my guns!

Website:  http://www.rozlinmusic.com

Twitter: @RozlinMusic

IG: @rozlinmusic

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